Michael: The Two Realities, Contextual States of Being

(April 2015, on the Passover/Easter weekend Full-Moon Eclipse)

Energy Creating 10172806_10151988904241296_5630500714656487363_nLets observe the two realities of:

A – Being at peace and harmony with self and our surroundings — a state of gratitude, love and joy.

B – Feeling oneself at the effect of our circumstances (helpless & powerless), feeling incapable to change our experience, feeling of not belonging, feeling doubt, fear, pain and victim.


When at a zoo, it’s helpful to know what door you are at, before walking through!

This awareness of selectivity and choice is very similar to an important self-awareness that’s helpful for a positive experience.

Lets meet Mr. V…. the Validator.

V was welcomed (without our conscious awareness) by all of us, at or following infancy. The activated Validator was unconsciously awakened as a survival mechanism with our belief system coming alive, via both thought and emotion.

Mr. V confirms our agreements in life by looking for and finding validations for all our beliefs (strong and mild). Strong beliefs = “We know…. ”, Mild beliefs = “We have an inclination of… “

Both emotion and thought are energy. An infant can shift from sad to happy with no residuals. No residuals means staying in present time. Once the residuals become active (generated by “Mr. V”), our capability of staying ‘present time’ becomes less possible.

  • Example: “Mom is scared of mice.”
  • Belief: Must avoid mice.
  • Emotion: Fear of mice.


  • “Mom/Dad is happy and kind when singing.”
  • Belief: The sound of singing means everything is okay.
  • Emotion: Feel safe and nurtured when there’s singing.

Now, back to Realities A & B:

If our belief is, “In order to maintain one of these realities means to ignore, avoid or condemn the other”, then Mr. V will have generated multiple reasons and excuses that our selected or chosen reality is 100% provable truth, and the other is a worthy opponent.

Part of the well-developed “Mr. V” is the context of approval. This state of being is the need to be seen, heard, have our beliefs agreed with and validated as being valuable, needed and appropriate. This is the main driving force behind creating and maintaining belief systems with Mr V.

Context of Approval     Living in the context of approval is currently the most relatable, socially agreed-upon way of life. This context holds the belief that fulfillment comes from being understood and approved. This happiness and contentment is always short-lived and never fully trustable in our hearts. One of the biggest heart aches in the 3D human experience is, “No one really gets or understands me”. In this context, we really can’t understand ourself, thus perpetuating the heartache circle.

Context of Perfection     The truth of Reality A (state of gratitude, love and joy) is not only available and accessible, it’s the birthright and harmonic pattern of the universe, which we are all energetically and physically a part of.

Lets honor the possibility or trust that the context of Approval actually negates the Reality A. With this honoring, we can be open to looking inside and valuing our own thoughts, feelings and insights more than those of others.   This gives birth to being present in our observations and trusting our choices and our heart.

There is an Antidote to and a Transformation from… Reality B

and the life-long integrated positioning, perspective

and power of “Mr. V”, without battle!


~ Generate Intention ~

Meditate on, contemplate on:

  • Honoring all possibilities. Put nothing beyond oneself and others.
  • The mind, (our mind!) has the capability of convincing oneself (and sometimes others) of anything…. anything!
  • Unconditional willingness with committed follow-through from listening to the heart, exercising being ‘present time’ and embracing the “light of recognition”.
  • From the context of free will (honoring others’ and ours), find a means to choose, generate and re-choose pure/clear intent.


Intention vs. (strong and mild) Belief

It’s free will… What’s your choice?

Clear Intention carries an energy (thought and emotion) of movement, which welcomes and exercises the muscles of being ‘present time’. This generates the magnet of thought and emotion-based images into form and our experiences.

The ‘light of recognition’ is the emotion-filled noticing of our intention, or a perspective that complements an intention we have or have had. A committed follow-through in response to this ‘light of recognition’ carries and generates much power and momentum to manifest the intended reality.

The cumulative power and momentum of this follow-through in response to this ‘light of recognition’ multiplies our capacity to listen, hear, see and know our highest purpose (short-term and sometimes long-term), and live in the context of perfection and splendor …. Reality A!

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