OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Are we all breaking out our Gratitude Jars?

If you haven’t started one yet, this may be the perfect time!

Thanksgiving Day is a beautiful time where the collective agreement (in the USA and elsewhere) is to reflect on all we’ve been given, all that we have … to appreciate!

It’s very fun and uplifting to keep a Gratitude Jar in a central place in your home (with some small strips of paper and a pen nearby) and to take a moment each morning or evening to remember and write down the blessings of the day before. Or whenever something special happens – as these moments can fly by!  Place them in your Gratitude Jar for collection of Remembrance – It’s like counting our blessings!

If you don’t already have a Gratitude Jar filled with notations of the special gifts in your life, this can be a perfect moment to initiate one!

On Thanksgiving Day, it can be fun to hand out some slips of paper to our guests and family members… inviting everyone to jot down something they are grateful for. Then come back to them in a little while, passing around a basket or bowl to collect them all.

When everyone sits down to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, it can be beautiful to pass the filled jar or basket around the table, and allow everyone to pull out one slip – letting each person read aloud one of the gifts that someone was giving thanks for.  A sharing of the real positive events, memories or relationships in our lives is a great way to empower the essence of Thanksgiving – and to remind ourselves of how fortunate we really are!

PS – Keep filling the jar!  Birthdays, Anniversaries are also great times to remember and celebrate the goodness in our lives… New Years’ Eve is another fabulous occasion to break out the Gratitude Jar – Reflect and share the Joy for all the gifts of the prior year.

If it’s getting full, then time to open a new one for 2015!


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