QHHT: Lemuria and Hall of the Akashics

Akashic Lemurian Place     This was a beautiful session where the client learned much about multi-facets of her colorful life journeys and her purpose in living this current lifetime. Visiting Lemuria is a rare treat that I’m sure many of us would enjoy experiencing, so I am including some of her descriptions of that.

This is a woman who has experienced tremendous losses in her current lifetime and who has devoted so much of herself into helping many other people.  She had other aspects of this life, her body, etc. that made it difficult for her to heal and to feel empowered for all that her heart was beckoning her to embrace, with joy.  She felt she was “different”, like she could not be fully accepted, included and loved, just the way she is.   (Has anyone else ever felt that way?)  Her Sub-conscious / Super-conscious guidance had many gifts for her, to put that into much broader perspective.

In QHHT, we will often encourage clients to float and drift to appropriate scenes to discover relevant information for what they are seeking. In this case, the client found herself arriving at the Hall of the Akashics and was able to simply choose from multitudes of drawers, where she could freely select and find out about many of her life stories…

Excerpted from actual transcript:

Client:   It’s Lemuria. It’s bright, it’s beautiful!

               There’s people waiting for me. Excited to see me.

     Clare: Wonderful! Tell me about what’s happening here.

There’s different kinds of animals.

They’re mixed, and they want to be One with me.

People watching me, wondering who I am.

            What’s the environment like in Lemuria, the scenery?

It’s soft. It’s like grass.

It’s more ethereal. It doesn’t feel solid.

(Smiles)   And now they’re laughing!

          Tell me what they look like…

Tall and square.  Blocky.      Like a block, almost.

It’s a big group, so it feels like a big block of energy.

But it’s people.

      And what’s your body like?  

I feel small. They are a lot bigger.

I’m very, very, very round.  My feet are even flat and round.

Narrow heels, big wide feet.

      And there were animals?  

There were animals that wanted to gather round and wanted to be One with me.

I wasn’t ready for that, so they went away.

They were like, mixed up. So many combinations of animals, as we know them.


No one is “one” – it’s all One, see?

It’s what they’re saying: “We’re all One”.

We’re not different, we’re all One. It’s why you can’t describe me.

      Can you sense that?   Yes.

      The truth in that? Yes.

      So it’s not just that they’re saying it…

They’re conveying it to me that I’m trying to make them different, and they’re not.    Just like me.


Now I’m seeing a brilliant white light and it’s like a pole almost, shining out of the middle of the dark hole.

It’s beckoning me to come. “Come to the Light, don’t be afraid of the dark. “

 I feel like I want to walk into it.    I’m already there.

It’s a tube of light. A tube of white light. Almost like a tendon, reaching out. 

Walk down the middle of it. (smiling)

Swirling, swirling, swirling all around me…

It’s guiding me in.   I’m walking without… just being pulled. Just being pulled.


     How does that feel to you?   Humbling. Humbled.

I see shadows of other people, but only their shadow.

And they’re all far away. Just a shadow.

They’re people I don’t know.

They’re on the same journey I am.


     Leaving that scene… drifting to an appropriate place…

It’s a white, like alabaster building. It’s beautiful.

 A big round-topped door, just one. It’s really heavy.

It’s like marble. Alabaster, they say it’s alabaster.   It’s too heavy to open.

 I want somebody to open the door for me.


No, I have to do it myself, if I want to know.

      That means you’re capable, and it’s a matter of choice.

      And you have 100% free choice.   It’s optional.  

     What does your heart tell you?


Go!!    My mind is in the way, making up stories.

     What’s your sense of this door? What does it represent?

The other side. The past.

Many lifetimes past.  

To know who I am.

      So then this is knowledge that you already carry, that you already have.

     It’s part of you.


I should go, or I’ll be sorry.

I’ll be sad if I didn’t go, if I don’t go in.

      Okay. And I’d just like to remind you that you’re in a very safe place.

      And this is a very safe way to go in.

But, what good’s it gonna do me?     Why would I go?

     Why would you go?

To become One.


The door just opened. About a third of the way, so I can peek in if I want.

      Do you want to take just a little peek?  

It’s dark in there. There’s a light.

It’s like a … radiating from the window or something, beaming down.

It shows the walls, like a temple.


It’s not a temple. It’s God’s Light.   It’s the Source, of all Life.

I’m in the Hall of the Akashics.   And I’m Everywhere in there.

There are many drawers.   Many, many, many drawers. That are “me”.

Many drawers!  

It’s like they’re popping open and showing me, there are many, many, many drawers.  

They’re all me!

More than I could even imagine.    Many lifetimes!!


They’re saying, “Which one do you wanna look at?”

It’s what I’m hearing (laughing), it’s like, “Which one? Which one? Which one?”   

I see images of different lives.  

I keep seeing being burned at the stake, in one. I’m not surprised.

    But you can just see that as an observer, for information.   Yeah.

(Details are given about that situation, very helpful and deeply relevant to themes of the current lifetime. Much healing here, big release from shadows of guilt, understanding, tears.)

     That was shown to you for an important reason.

      And you’re in the Akashics, so … lots of drawers there.   Lets pick another one, and see what else might be very applicable and important for you, to explore here.

I want to see a life with __ (a departed loved one)___.

And I don’t know which one it is.

      That’s okay!   You don’t have to be the one to know, because all the knowledge is there.

      So we’re going to ask for the beautiful Guides of the Akashics to guide you… to just the right drawer, because there’s so many of them…

I’m on a prairie. Oh, it looks like the story that __ (he)__ had told me.    (of a past life experience they had shared together)

It was a big, big prairie and there was fighting going on.

limestone_plains  There was fighting everywhere, like a civil war.    And I was home; my husband was gone out to war.  I was home with the children. Little girl and an older boy.

22_Home_on_the_Planins_A I do all the farm work, because my husband is gone at war. It’s very hard and very lonely.

Thank God for the children.

   And there’s __ (him)___  and his left arm is barely shot off. And his shoulder, and his head is bleeding, and he just wants me to help him. 

So I try to help, and my two kids are helping.  Washing and washing the wounds, I don’t know if I can do it, if he will be able to survive.   My little girl wants to fix food for him.   She tells me, “It’s gonna be okay Momma.   Just take care of him.”

 (Lots of emotion and love being felt and expressed here. Due to her family dynamics, she had to hold back from showing her feelings to the man there – a person with a deep soul connection, and who was also her closest love partner from this current lifetime.)

What’s gonna happen to (injured man)?  

He stayed with us for three months.

Now, he’s up and walking around and he’s better. He’s grateful. He’s so grateful.

He doesn’t want to leave us; he wants to take care of us.

But I tell him he has to go.

So I gave him a horse. Told him to go.  

Just wouldn’t be right for him to stay.  cowboy-riding-across-open-plains

     So you really made a difference in his life there.  And he touched your life there.


Well, there’s drawers popping everywhere!  “Pick me! Pick me!”

     So that was a good scene for you to have that realization, and that replay. So lets pick another drawer…

     You can ask for some guidance to pick an appropriate drawer. 

I’d like to pick a drawer where I have good love, appropriate love, the right kind…

My father. My father’s wanting to show me…    This lifetime.

That he loved me more than I would ever know.  

He’s sorry he couldn’t show me, but his heart was hurt.

But he loves me so much.   (deep emotion)


Back in the Hall of the Akashics…

      From all that you are, all that you know, all that would be important for you to see and remember…

Looking at the drawers, I feel like none of it really matters.

It’s just a story, and it’s not about “now”. 

And they told me that if I want to go, then I’m done.

They want me to know that it’s just a story.

It’s just a story.    It’s not who I Am.  

Life Story Reference

 It’s just a story.  

 It’s who I am, but it’s not who I Am.


300_317961   I see myself around a fire, with many women, with my women friends, laughing.


And I hear them say, “It’s the way it was, it’s the way it was!”   (laughing) 

                               “It’s the way it was!”

“Do our work, sit around the fire. It’s the way it was __(client’s name)__, don’t you remember?”


There was a firepit, the tipi…     Maybe 300 years ago…   I see plains.


The men were happy and sexy, and the girls were happy and sexy.

Lived on the Earth, their feet on the Earth.


I just see the women around, happy, just happy sisters.

All of us felt like relatives.

All of us loved each other and needed each other, like family.

We worked as a tribe.

Dressed in deer skin.

 2 tipis snow Gets cold in the winter.  I’m told it’s tundra.

But we were used to it, it didn’t matter.

We just built the fires, cooked our food, nursed our babies, made love to our men.

It was happy times!   Happy times.

Happy, happy times.


     It sounds like a beautiful way of life…



Okay, I want to go now; we’ve seen enough.  

     Perfect. Okay.

Now I want to go to God.    I’m ready. 

I want to go to Source.

I want to go be with Him and feel that vibration, so I can carry it. 

     Okay, so lets go straight there, so you can feel that vibration.  

     And the request is, that you can feel that vibration, so you can carry it.

     We’re going. We’re leaving these scenes, and we’re going straight to God Source.

     Where you can feel that vibration, your loving Creator…

I’m in space, just in a big white Light… I’m here.



Part II—   Calling in the SC…


     Why did you show her Lemuria?

So she’d know who she is, and how long she’s been around.   50,000 years!

You can live pain free. You can do the work. 

You can come unto us for help, and we’re always here.

It’s time you ask for help.

You’re not alone.    You’ve never been alone.


Personal Q&A Follows, on her recording: Health, Healing, Answers, Advice, etc…  

As we often request for a Body Scan during the sessions, her Guides worked lovingly on tuning up various areas of her body.

At one point her SC announced, “We need to reconstruct ___(a certain internal body part)__.”  

Lots of visible activity ensued, with the client using her own hands during the procedure. We cannot evaluate the results of that operation clinically, as the client apparently had no prior conscious knowledge of a specific issue with that part of her body. To be present for a surgical procedure of this nature is quite a remarkable gift.

It is always such an honor to participate in these QHHT sessions — where so much profound wisdom, grace and healing comes through the veil, in so many generous ways.   A Ho!

Eternal Love


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  1. Clare, How exciting for you to be a part of this type of surgical procedure. The drawers holding different aspects of our lives is interesting and I especially loved how the people were so connected with Mother Earth by not wearing shoes resulting in constant grounding. Thank you Sweet Sister for sharing and for your client’s approval to share.

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