QHHT: Insights and Answers from… the Life of a Tree

TOL 1  This lovely woman came in for a session with no real health issues, but her main concern was a very stressful situation with her neighbors.  Disharmony had continued with lots of hurts, deaths of pets, harsh interactions and was making it difficult for her to want to continue living there. Because it was her own property where she had spent years developing her gardens and farm, she did not want to think about leaving, but she was living in continual stress and felt at a loss to improve the situation.

It is always so beautiful to see how our Sub-conscious / Super-conscious guidance system will so brilliantly design these sessions… to teach, heal and empower us in whatever we are seeking!

She came off the cloud and when looking down to see what she was wearing on her feet, she was shocked, and tears came to her eyes. “Oh, my feet are ugly,” she observed with such disappointment. Then she realized they were the roots of a tree – not what she had imagined or envisioned for her QHHT session experience!  As she adjusted to having this perspective, we went deeper into exploring it…

Her story unfolded so beautifully!   As she looked around, she found herself in a delightful location, living by a shimmering pond that watered her roots, and over which she happily stretched out her verdant branches. She was surrounded with living grasses and other plant life, and soon became aware of her “neighbors” who were other trees that vibrantly joined her in this harmonious setting.

Going through the seasons of a year was such a vivid experience!    Enjoyment of her lush Summer foliage and ripening fruits that she could offer to visiting wildlife was a rewarding and pleasant joy.   Even the feel of ants burrowing and nibbling into her bark brought tickles of pleasure.

As she approached Fall,  a real fear came up.  Were her lush and beautiful leaves going to dry up and fall off?   Oh no!   She did not want to feel herself naked and exposed, but then chose the courage to go forward, and let them go.  She discovered the peacefulness and freedom of the Fall, enjoyed the cool and cleansing winds caressing her bare branches…  and the refreshing quiet of the Winter, going within for rest and restoration.

trees   Even in Winter’s silent snow, she found herself quite alive, as below the Earth the worms and other creatures carried on happy activities amongst her sensitive root system.

The joy that came with Spring was something I shall never forget!  She felt herself surging inside with the most powerful Life forces, rushing up from her roots like living rivers, rising through her trunk and thrusting out within her limbs to form buds. The energies seemed to swell inside her branches for a time, building a pressure until the perfect moment… Not yet, not yet… Now!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Blossoms suddenly popped forth with colors, fragrance, life force… Birds, squirrels, creatures of land and air and fish in the waters… the joys of Spring all around the pond were so beautiful, harmonious and abundant!


One of the most interesting revelations during the life of this tree was in noticing her surroundings.  At one point, in describing the other trees, she remarked with some surprise in the discovery, “My neighbors… are just like me. We’re the same!”  she said.    

“We are all the same. They are the same as Me,” she observed and discovered with some deep and    thoughtful amazement.

This turned out to be one of the most important gifts of the session. While she received lots of answers to her many questions, relationship advice for her home life, her biggest issue – the one with her “neighbors” was treated with so much loving insight and compassion.


I won’t share her details, except to report this:

Several months after the session, I heard back from this client who was really happy – She had made tremendous progress in creating Peace with her neighbors!

They were now exchanging gifts of meals, working out new ways to share and care for each others’ properties and pets, and home life had a whole new sense of Harmony and Friendship  that she had never imagined possible.

trees and stones

Leaves - Life Cycle

3 responses to “QHHT: Insights and Answers from… the Life of a Tree

  1. Hi Clare. How satisfying for all of them. Not only was your client helped but her neighbors were helped by the QHHT session also. All are connected. I wonder if she ever shared the session with her neighbors. Do you know?

    • Hi Kathy Ann, I love your observation that because we are all connected, that others in our circles also benefit from our sessions.

      As to her neighbors… I don’t know for sure as I haven’t seen her in about 1.5 year, but… an INTERESTING component is that her partner Paul, (who also shares the same home/property) has also received QHHT sessions. In fact, my husband Michael was giving him a QHHT session at the very same time as I was facilitating this one, in a California location.

      Since then, Paul has actually taken the Level 1 QHHT training from Dolores Cannon! So… in answer to your question, the neighbors may actually have an opportunity to know more about QHHT than just hearing about this one session story!! The beautiful circles of expanding love and light ever ripple outward!

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