Clare: For your health and beauty…

green-tea-diet-1   Here’s a quick and easy tip for your healthy teeth and beautiful skin:

Make a cup of Green Tea each morning.   (If you like, drink some!)

  • After steeping the tea for 1-3 minutes, use your tea bag each morning like a saturated, super-charged anti-oxidant toner pad, to cleanse your face, your skin.
  • Save some of your tea (or make an extra cup) to use as a mouth rinse, to strengthen and rebuild our dental enamel!  (Better than toxic fluoride.)  Simply leave your cup of tea in a place where you pass by often, and swish with it a few times during the day.

Green tea is loaded with natural anti-oxidants for our health and wellness.  It protects us from many kinds of health imbalances and can add to the length and overall quality of our lives. (Organic tea and natural teabags are always our best choice.)

These are 2 simple ways to benefit our bodies – inside and out – with a daily cup of Green Tea.   Enjoy!


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