QHHT: Inter-Galactic Domed Library – Part (2) Two

egypt drawings

………… (continuing from Part One… )

Have you walked out of the dome area? Or is this part of the dome?

     I went into a wing off of the dome.  There’s some light…

And it seems there’s a lot you could learn here?

      I imagine, if you had some teachers, you could learn a lot.

They could explain?    Yes.

Well, lets go find a teacher.  There should be one around, in this place of learning.

      I saw that guy, the King with the crown at the beginning.  

Wise Men white & Gold

Lets find a teacher…

Keep walking, to find a teacher.

     I’m seeing an image of someone….     


          That person changed… all lit up in gold.


What do you want to ask this person?

    I want to ask them if they would teach me,  … if that would be okay to ask?

    I see something like…     luminous_strands

         it just keeps changing……….

                  like a Buddha

Buddha FAce

with a big thing on the head,


    turns into a Chinese lion…

Chinese Temple Lion

   With those patterns all over it.    Swirls and stuff.


 So maybe the impressions of these changing images are part of the teaching?     Yeah.

       Antelope head 1-crop    Something like an Antelope head, with these long horns going up. 


     It’s jumping me into every possible culture, different ones. 

     It doesn’t seem to stick with any one sort of religious theme. 

     I’m jumping from Egypt …. to India … to China …. to South America…

egypt drawings . .  rainbow body - Tibet


Well, maybe this is the Akashic Records, or some place that’s really big and general.  Yeah.

       There seems to be this glow of light, and the more I keep looking at it, the images in it just keep changing, to something else.

          Glowing Star-Cube

Let me just watch it for a while…

    There’s a painting of someone with haloes all around their head, like in a Catholic cathedral,

golden haloes

   A golden picture of somebody … Angel of the Lord for blog … like a saint,  

Jesus halo

      now… it’s like…   Mother Mary, with golden light…    

Mary & Jesus

   Now it has the face of a baby on it,    Baby… Jesus…

This seems like a really special place.  Yeah.

     It’s a really special place.

It seems like it’s really special that you were allowed to visit and experience this special place.  Yes.   

Maybe at some point, you’ll be able to learn more about this and understand it more.   Yes.


And we’re gonna move on from this place.   I want you to leave this scene, move forward… to a new and important day…

   I see a light.   

radiant light

       In the center of it is a Star. shooting_star  

A  5 -pointed star….  star-glow 2

   It’s like Light turning into some patterns.

Glowing Star-Cube

   All different kinds of Stars, with different shapes.


……….. stars- many……………stars - 9 page

(Sudden flood of fast-rushing visuals….

 Light Language….hyroglyphs 2

Sensation of watching loads of images, glyphs, writings, wall sketches all coming down

and flooding over me, very fast, much too fast to describe…)

     Just strange things, but nothing that’s making any sense…  some kind of images…

Owl Hieroglyphic-Temple-of-Amun.jpg?v=1299846960

     I had the image like the face of a barn owl, it’s a strange kind of face.  owl face

It’s coming in my mind to take 5-HTP which is a type of a B vitamin that helps make dreams come more vivid, and then maybe I could visualize it more clearly. 

We’ve had some pretty big images and visions, so lets leave that and let that go…

il_340x270.539177749_f0y6    Now I got these images of little light people and butterfly people and fairies, that have wings like a butterfly with little light bodies, and different kinds of faces — some are triangular faces, just coming and going…

faerie. .face cute mantis .bfly people 1 . .bfly people 2. .face cute mantis 2.FlyingFairy

     Maybe those are people we’re going to meet when things open up to our perceptions more. 

     Maybe they want us to know that we all don’t look like humans and we don’t all come from the same land.  et cute face

Okay, so we’ll just relax those thoughts and images now.  And maybe we can find out more specifically about those…


Calling in the SC….

Reasons and lessons for why this was shown?  This special place?  and how does this relate to the life that she is living right now?

It was like a downloading of information.

She wants to know more, so that’s what we’re giving her.

That seemed like a really special place.  She is very grateful for your presence and encouragement and she thanks you, we thank you, for the very special sessions and all that you’ve given us and all that we’re learning and assimilating.   Her main concern is her life purpose and her relations with other family members and partners in this life.  Permission to ask questions?


Regarding health, is there anything more needed in this body, for her highest good… Requesting body scan, any suggestions for health…

       We’re helping.

The ear ringing – you said there was a purpose to it.  Could you describe please?

    non-verbal answer – sounds and colors…     (I’m getting pulsing frequencies, with light and color…)

Will this help others in some way? Anything you can share about the ear ringing at this point in time?

       Hmm.  They’re very active!

Anything about the lightening strike?

      Well, she experienced being in the midst of the Earth getting its energetic nourishment…

(more q’s to the SC, of a personal nature…


SC’s description of the ear sounds – from a different session:

Q: I am so curious about these sounds that I hear, and I wonder if there’s anything else you can tell me about it?

SC: It’s a widening of your doorway. 

It’s stretching the membrane, left and right,

as you step through, as you’re walking through,

as you’re looking through, as you’re embracing with allowance. 

The left and right membrane is being pushed, wider and wider.  The sound is part of that laser. 

There’s lows along with the highs, that are making it move where it needs to.

Are those below my auditory…?     Yes.  Sometimes you sense it. 


Observational Note on Session…  Interesting to note the presentation of butterflies, praying mantis bodies and mantis-like faces, at both the beginning and at the end of this session, with the visit to inter-galactic library in the midst, filled with spiritual and religious symbols of so many different earthly cultures, over epochs of our known history.

As we share with Dolores’ experience and that of many other QHHT practitioners, there is always such an ambiance of Love and care that permeates the room during these sessions.

Butterfly Love

We have been told by the SC / guidance, that the QHHT session material is always “gifted” to each person individually, and is perfectly selected for them at each session, in addition to the healings, advice and answers to the questions and requests of each client.

We have also come to know that it can take us additional, indefinite period(s) of time to integrate all the information we’re so generously given, and to grasp the understanding and apply it to our lives.  Going back to review some of our own sessions, even a year or more later, continues to gift us with new and deeper insights and understanding of concepts and applicability to our lives, a we live, learn and grow.

What about a verbal description of all the images, symbols, writings shown?  

We are discovering more and more QHHT sessions where people are being given non-verbal experiences through colors, patterns, deeper understandings that are not confined by the limitations of our spoken English (or other) language.  Clients report a deep knowingness that comes with these scenes, and their Higher Consciousness gives them additional information, lessons, information and healing during the 2nd part of the session.

Not shared in the verbal transcript, as I was visiting and viewing that domed library, I had a clear sense of it not being on our planet, and of other beings freely coming and going there from different off-planet locations.  The experience remains with me and I hope to be able to visit a place like that, consciously some day!

star over wise men domed city     Over the eons, mankind looks up to the stars, down through the microscope, we dig through ruins, ancient manuscripts… searching for answers and meaning in our world.

Via QHHT sessions, such wisdom gracefully comes through to us, obviously from realms of higher thinking, deeper understanding, broader perspectives – and is always lovingly “stepped down” to something we can relate to and incorporate into making our present lives healthier, happier and more fulfilling.

 Very grateful !

Butterfly - Listen

flower trim (2)



One response to “QHHT: Inter-Galactic Domed Library – Part (2) Two

  1. This additional message was given by the SC, in a later session:

    “Our agreements and perception of this moment…
    this reality is important for us, to pay attention to, to embrace,
    to give of our Heart, to be in our Heart.

    And in our freedom, in our opportunity here,
    to embrace more, to trust more,
    we’ve become Lighter and able to love more, serve more … and know more.

    You have asked to know more.
    That was the path. This is the path.

    We’re growing more … and as we touch and receive and be given more opportunities, because of our allowing more… then we’ll know more.”


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