QHHT: Inter-galactic Domed Temple / Library – Part One

Inter-galactic Temple-Library

Domed Neighborhood

Insects, Fairies, Faces, Wings

Do you feel good?


Coming down off the cloud…

First I saw something, shaped like the bottom of a canoe, with a dark, shady … by edge of the water… but then it seemed like it opened up and reminded me of the patterns on a butterfly’s wings.  (It must have been a chrysalis)GlasswingButterfly

  Then that went away…

And then I sort of saw, the wings on the back of a praying mantis, like pretty, delicate insect wings.   

Mixed images on a dark background. Green-lacewing_LG

Now I’m getting different images, of like another insect.   They’re kind of green. 

The wings, closed, sort of lacy.  


What do you see around you?

Images of different parts of the body of a praying mantis, or a grasshopper.   Little images, sometimes the back leg of a grasshopper or a praying mantis, or the body part. I saw the face of one. 

There!  I can see the face of one.    



     It has a pointed beak.  It has round eyes on the side.   It has little nostrils.  It’s kind of fading away now. 

Are the eyes black?     No, kind of brown.  

Mantis Brn Eyes

What else do you notice?

       It’s kind of cute.  Kind of friendly, gentle. 


What do you notice now?

    I’m seeing a rounded, slightly rounded horizon; there’s a black sky behind it.

So above the horizon, it’s black    Yes.

And below the horizon, it’s..?    Kind of green.

     It seems like there’s these round things that remind me of, something from a space movie.  They’re like little dome-shaped things.


     They’re either spherical or I’m just seeing the top of them.  Metallic.  Metal.

     Dome-shaped structures on the surface.

On the earth?

     On the surface.

Do they feel like habitation? Do people live in them? 

     Maybe, if they would be in there, they could go in them.

Anchored on the earth, or floating?

     They’re not floating.   They’re either parked there or built there.

And what’s the earth look like, around, between them?

     I don’t see trees.

What color?

     It feels like it’s night time, so the colors aren’t so easy to tell.

Domes are light in color?

     It’s dark, under a night sky and I’m see the silhouette of them.  Reflections of light shining off of them.

How many do you think you were seeing? 

     Maybe 10 or 12, different sizes.  Some of them had small domes attached to bigger ones.

     Everything was shaped round.

Temperature?  In a desert kind of place.   Maybe sandy, desert-y.

Any green foliage at all?  Brush, scrub, cactus, anything?   No.

     It feels like a futuristic place, or a place that’s not “here”.


Scene changed…

     I feel like I’m looking at some carvings on a wall.

     Lots of designs all carved on this wall, and then …

Now is this on the inside of the dome?

        It’s not a dome.  It’s flat.

        I’m in front of a big stone wall, with carvings and designs all carved in it.

hyroglyphs 2

        Seems like there were little spots on it where light was shining.

Part of a livable structure?

        Big.   Stone.   Some kind of stone.

        Had some little lights sparkling off of it.

         In a way, it seemed like they were little bright lights that had their own light.

I Am

         Like little stars. Like when you see the Christmas star and it has points of light going out from the center.

Does this have to do with the domes?

          No. I don’t see the domes right now, I see more like stone carvings.


Can you see down the side of the wall, any opening?

         I thought I saw a doorway at first.  Seemed to have something over the top, with a point, over the top of the doorway.

Is it big enough to walk through?

          Yes, it’s big.  Dark in there, but I thought I saw a flame of fire go up. Fire_at_night

Is it still dark?

           It’s pretty dark.  I’m getting all these different things that fade in and out.

    Bird-star-mtns  Toltec Eagle        Like I have this image of Ganesha.



         And I saw something like a face, like some kind of face you would see in a church.

Angel of the Lord for blog

(Lots of religious figures from all different cultures)

         Kind of reminds me of that place we went in Jerusalem, where everyone was in line to go in there.  They said that was where Jesus’ body went, after he died.  It’s reminding me of that, really ornate. (Byzantine style)

What is the floor     I get the sense of stone.  Smooth and hard.

What else are you seeing?

            A stairway, across the way, going up, to the left.

So lets walk up the stairway….

         It’s becoming lighter at the top, more golden.  I’m in a dark place and I can just see that up there. 

         I get the feeling of a big circle above me, like a dome.  DomeOfTheRockInterior    

         I feel like there’s a big dome around me, and around the edges there are pillars, holding it up and it seems like it glows.  An orange kind of a glow, not real bright.

SacredCovenant.    I’m a little bit to one side, under the domed ceiling.  There’s a horizon, some archways, some vertical walls maybe 20’ high and then over that… a big glowing dome ceiling – It’s emitting a beautiful soft rosy light.

Horizon, you can see out?

          Yes, seems like I can.  Seems like you can go in and out. 

          It feels to me a little bit like it’s got something to do with a library.

          That there’s interesting things in there that you could learn from.

          That outside, there’s like a city and you can be outside of the dome, or you could be inside of the dome and learn things.

So this is a focal point for knowledge, this domed area, yeah?

          Seems like it was built for higher learning.  Or for important …

Do you feel alone in it?

          No it feels like there’s some amount of beings there.

Are they also in that same curiosity place?

          They seem to know what’s going on.  They seem to be there for a reason.  I’m just figuring out where I am.   

         I’m seeing people in long robes, like almost white colored.

What else are you seeing?

          One of them had this feeling like an Arabian king or something. 

     Like a kingly… Like, you know the wise men?  They have pictures of the wise men? 

     One of them has a white robe and gold.    

     And other people in here, they have white robes, but they’re not kings, they’re just…  

Do you see any headdress?

     That one seemed like it had a gold sort of crown.   

(He was impressive — dressed all in white, with a gold crown, maybe gold belt or ornaments, white hair and beard, and very very bright blue eyes – caught eye contact with me.  Looked very wise and regal. Dressed sort of like the one in the center: )


People are there for knowledge?

     It feels like they have knowledge.    Hmmm… what’s inside there?

Describe it.    It’s really big.  

Is it set up for meetings?  Or more solitary…

     It seems like a lot of people could be doing their own thing in there at the same time.

So, there’s a lot of solo journeys, yeah?

     I don’t know… They could come in groups, or come alone… 

     You know if you were in a gigantic library, you’d think, well you could come alone, or with people, or…

So you’ve walked up this big, long set of stairs… Are you still up high, looking?

     I’m still up on that level, I’m still in the same spot. 

     A different kind of architecture than I’ve ever seen…

In front of me it feels like there’s a doorway, and it’s sort of square but the edges, the corners at the top, it’s like an archway.  It’s kind of rounded but not round arch, it goes up straight, and then rounded and kind of across the top horizontally, and then it feels like I’m looking…   I could look to the right and be in that big dome, or I could look out through that arch door, to the horizon…

into where I can see the dark sky and stars.

    And it seems like there’s a big town square out there.

And it seems that people can come and go and that there was this sort of a kingly kind of person inside the dome structure and other people wearing like, white robes.  But not white white, like off- white, like linen maybe.  And they’re long to the ground, so I don’t know what kind of things they have on their feet.

And it feels like that vibe of the wise men, I think of them coming on camels or something,  wise men and star

but it also feels like there’s something … almost like it’s from the future, or another planet, like it could have something to do with, you could travel.

     It’s not super clear, if that was a space vehicle that could travel, or if it’s a structure, like on the Earth.

     Arabia.  That keeps coming to my mind, of it being kind of like some Arabian… place.

Okay, lets go through that door, you said you could see through that door, to some… not village, but kind of like a… What do you see out there?  Is it like a balcony off of this dome?

     No.  The dome’s above it.

     This is the ground floor, of the same floor that’s in the dome.  I’m walking out of it.

     If I went out there, I’m seeing like glowing firelight lighting; it’s kind of rosy pink, glowing.

Is that coming from one place?

     Different places, sort of the essence of that lighting, it’s night and it’s sort of rosey pink…

People or beings? 

 I see people walking and some with wagons, coming and going, like some were traders or bringing food to market … Buildings around the periphery with soft rosey lights, torches maybe, they look like homes, shops…

Are you out of that structure completely, that had the dome on it?  Yes.

You’re out of it completely, so it’s behind you. Some form of knowledge learning. 

Now do you feel like there’s any being, people moving towards that structure so they can go inside it?  Or leaving that structure?  Do you feel any traffic in any direction, regarding that big domed structure?

Well, I got the feeling that this area is just – people coming and going and doing different things.   I’m getting the sense of torches or lights.

Tell me more.  What else are you seeing?  Torches…

It seems like out on the horizon there’s peaks, there’s that the light shining off of it.

Now lets turn around and look back at that big domed structure.  What’s it look like from the outside?

I knew what it was like to be under that dome…  I’m trying to see it from the outside, but then it feels like I get taken back a pretty far distance… It reminds me a little bit of that thing at the LA airport, and it has round legs in one direction and 90 degrees it has round legs in another direction.  It looks something like that, like space cities… but I’m not really close to it, so I’m not sure I’m believing that.

Did you like being inside?  Yes!  Everything I’ve seen, I’ve liked.  

Well, lets go back inside…   It all feels really pleasant and calm.

You liked that.  Lets go back in.  Lets go back in through that same rounded-top doorway that you walked out of.  Lets go right back in there.  Gotta go closer…

Okay.   You like it in that dome.  Yes, it’s nice.  It’s rosey.

Seems to be an agreement there that knowledge is attainable, important and available there.

Yes.  And that’s a good feeling.  Yes.

It means that you might be closer to a soul group that can relate on that level.

(Emotional)   Yeah, everybody feels like that.   It’s a special environment.

Does it feel like people have traveled a far, long ways to come there?

     Yeah, it feels like they can, if they want to.

So travel seems to be pretty unlimited, yeah? 

Yes.  It does feel like that.  The people that are there have seen lots of other things.

Maybe they have a real broad sense of acceptance of other realities and other places and other viewpoints.  Yeah.

It seems like the top glows, like a dome.  It reminds me of something that could fly, but could stay there, too. 

It’s really beautiful, actually.  It would be cool to build something like that, or design something like that.  It seems like it would be completely structurally sound, like an eggshell, round.  Its not shaped like an egg shell, though. I don’t know what it’s make of…

You know how the lights were really pretty and kind of glowing orange when we went to Brisbane?   Yes.   It’s kind of got that feel to it.  But not cold.  It’s more like warm, in the desert.

It feels like across the horizon, there’s a lot more.  Lights, or buildings or signs of … others, being there.  I don’t know if they’re houses or not, but like a skyline of some sort.  You can see that it’s inhabited… glowing orange lights.

Now do you feel like you’re personally attracted to this building?  Because of your shared curiosity and thirst for knowledge?

     Yes. I feel interested.  I feel curious about it. 

     I feel like in the back there’s more passages and stairways, and I don’t know why they’re there, or where they go…

Lets go look.

     Okay, can go across to this other one. 

     It feels like, “Indiana Jones” or something, looking at interesting things…  

     There’s carvings, like some kind of big temple.

Are you still inside the dome?

I went across to where I saw some kind of stone carved, more wall carvings and …

I saw a ThunderBird carved on the wall.   


Are there any texts, or just images carved?

  I just saw a carving of a woman with some kind of a dress.  


It’s like I’m just seeing them, going past me.  It reminds me of the things that are carved in Egypt that are in these books that I’ve been reading.

egyptian carvings

It has that feel to it, but I can’t see… What else do I see?  I would like to understand what these images mean.

Does it feel like you have any sense, at all?

I’m seeing lots of different ones.  

Some that reminded me of kind of baboon people, with baboon faces.

Baboon People 2       Baboon People

Baboon person + symbols

      And I saw something that looked like an Indian.Indian wall painting

Carved out of stone?

That was, and then it seemed like this Indian drifted across the screen.  It’s like all these impressions of these different things, and they all seem like things that had, would be in these temples, these old temples, but they’re all just different images coming and going…

I’ll see what the next one is…

     Seems like an Aztec face.  Like something from a Mayan place.  Toltec Face

     Or Toltec, I get that Toltec comes to me.  ???????????????????????????????????????

Have you walked out of the dome area? Or is this part of the dome?

I went into a wing off of the dome.  There’s some light…


        Continue in Part 2… HERE:   https://alohaclinic-qhht.org/2014/03/12/inter-galactic-domed-library-part-2-two/    


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