QHHT: Beauty, Wonder and Majesty of Creation

White Eagle Med Woman

                             Native American woman, herbalist

Power of Presence

Inter-Dimensional Travel

Beauty of Creation


(Client coming down into a birch forest, mountains, by the side of water.)

The surroundings?       

     The ground is flat, trees to the left … there are mountains going up.   

     I’m seeing grass, a canoe floating there.  WRCAM37235

Describe what you notice about yourself…      

     Barefoot… I’m female, around 20, a (deerskin) dress, wearing something turquoise, black hair.


     It’s beautiful, maybe I have a camp near here.

     It’s so beautiful, all around … a beautiful feeling of Nature. 

The canoe?         … Yes, could go or stay… (nomadic life?)  it’s really beautiful.

Lets go to your home, where you sleep.

     A bear skin to sleep on.  It’s a teepee, the dark bear skin is a little bit scratchy.  Floor has woven mats.    

Anyone else there?    I see a grandmother, two girls…

A meal together…       Corn.  Big cobs, yellow corn, blue corn… the Grandmother can make some cornmeal – she’s grinding it up.   She seems kind and pleasant, happy.

Your mother?

     More of a Grand-mother.    Two girls – they seem connected to Grandmother.  The grandmother seems to be caring for them… Not my daughters…

How do you spend your time?

     I have some things…  like turquoise, they’re special, some fragrant things…   They’re special…

     They have special energies… like healing…  from the plants, things that come from the plants… the stones… 

     They’re special things that are in my home, for good… 

     I’ve been given some feathers… I have some special kind of herbs and salves…

     They can be used, because they have good energy, from Nature…

Does it feel like you make them?

     It feels like I do something with them.

     Family, they have a living Presence.

     They make me feel really happy in my heart…  that they’re there, and they’re available, if needed.

Do you feel like you share them with others?

     Yes, I feel like, if there’s a need, then I’ve been entrusted these special things that can help.

What do you do for a living?

      I don’t think we have to have a living, because everything’s here.

And do you take care of these two girls?  They seem happy there.

And does it feel like the elderly lady is doing most of the care-giving?     I think so.  I don’t feel like their mother.  

You’re not their direct family, necessarily?    Not like I would feel towards my children, where I focus on them.  They just seem to be happy…


Okay, I want you to leave that scene, moving to an important day…  

     Images of a waterfall.  And a really proud person, leader, standing there.

9820_10153798255435397_1102027174_n  Proud-Crow-Warrior

     I’m looking at a kind of a chiefly sort of… a brave, a leader…  


     The person looks like he commands respect, of anyone.  Anyone who would be there.

     Like an Eagle, totem pole, kind of a person.  

dfc7494bc38794c06eff9325ed532362  2010-WAHKTAGELI.-GALLANT-WARRIOR-YANKTON-LAKOTA-OIL-ON-PANEL-2010-32X24

So, is that person having anything to say, to you?

       Not to me.  I feel like I’m on the side (of gathered tribe members).

       He’s facing out, toward the people, and I’m watching a little bit from the side.

The message?

       A commanding Presence. 

       That’s what I’m to hold, the space.

Do you sense fear, or excitement with the crowd of people that’s listening to him?

       I sense Respect.

       It’s not very verbal.  It feels like a Preparedness.

       Like a state of being ready to…   Proceed in a fullness of “what is”.

 Is he welcoming a preparedness?

        It feels like that.

 And what’s the day like?  

       I’m just seeing turquoise and mist…  Feels like there’s a waterfall nearby.

It’s an important day of your life; why do you think this is so special? 

       I think that from the energy of this Courage, it’s like a total Courage…

              that this person is demonstrating, to Being in the fullness of Presence. 

       To show us that.  That we can do that, too.

 Do you feel inspired by him?

       It’s an example.  It’s not a teaching.  Nothing with words.

       Just like an invitation, to come into Fullness of Being.  He’s there for everyone.


Another important day…

     Some mountains in the background, and snow.  The tops of trees on the treeline. 

     The air is really clean and clear and crisp.  Cold, fresh. 

     I’m still by the water, a different time of year.  I still feel the texture of the air…

     Wearing big, fluffy kind of boots.  Age… about 35…   yes, healthy…  happy …

     At the edge of the birch forest where the water is.   Canoe is still there.   

Lake Tombigbee 2

What’s important about this special day here?  Can you feel or see anything? 

       I get the sense that there should be a fire; it’s that cold.

       It’s a beautiful day, a natural day. 

       It’s a beautiful world, a beautiful Earth.

And you feel at peace?

       I feel at peace and I feel the vibrancy of Nature and the Elements.  

(A sense of seeing all the living, moving molecules in the air, alive and active in everything.)

You have a sense of where you are?

     It feels like I’m on Earth.  It feels like somewhere in North America.

Does it feel like in that body, you’ve traveled much, or been there your whole life?

     I can’t tell.  It just feels good to be there.

Anything else that’s special about your experience on this day?

     I’m getting this feeling like I’m rising above out of that place, above the Earth. 

     It’s all getting smaller and smaller, like I’m going up away from it.

Does it feel like you’re ending your life here?   Or does it feel like you’re just having a dream, from there?

   It almost feels like I’m some kind of Being that can come and go from that body, up into a higher realm, and perceive it from up there…

     But I can also, be present fully in that place and appreciate the beautiful elements of Nature that seem really alive there.

     It feels like I can go up into the blackness, stepping above it, and that I have the ability to come and go.

     I’m getting images of like the energies of Eagles, not a specific eagle.

     But like the ability to connect with the energy of the Eagle.   soaring-eagle-ray-downing

 So you identify with the Eagle in this?

     No, it feels kind of non-material.  I mean, non-physical. 

     Not like I have a pet eagle, or I command eagles, but .. I can relate to them in some way.  To the abilities or the Essence of an eagle.

     It’s like I have the eagle-spirit Energy, on some level… that I can use to transcend out of the physical, and go above it.

  So you feel like you can come and go, from this body at will, huh?

     I was getting that sense there.

     I just went right up, and looked down at everything.  (All the way up into space, far above the Earth)

     I felt I had that freedom and I could feel it in the air.

     Like I’m still feeling the air, and going up.

     I still have a connection to that body, that life….

     And I can go down and be “earthy” and be in it, or go above it and be… free… of it, too.

     The water’s still there.

So lets go back down, into this body, this same person, and we’re gonna leave this scene… 


Going forward to last day of life, in this lifetime…

     I get the sense that I’m supposed to turn everything over, to the Great Chief, or the Great Father, or the Great Creator.  

     That I’m to offer up what I’ve learned and experienced; it’s like a gift, to give.


     To offer in remembrance of family and (all) that I have accumulated as an offering, to gift.

     I see something like the Great Chief with the big white, almost like buffalo headdress…  

Some kind of a higher Creator, Father, Leader, kind of Presence that’s there ready to receive my offering of my life, learning journey, experience. 10981162_782839098466020_5987896555187815434_n

     And here it is…  (holding out my arms, cupped hands.)

(Speaking to Grandfather / Creator): I’ve kept it and cared for it  (tears)  enjoyed and experienced and given my own essence to… to that life.

Do you have a sense that this is your last day in this life?

     I see everything swirling above me like… in a slow, beautiful pattern.


(note: I was seeing something like a galaxy swirling above me, like white stars spinning in a spiral pattern against a black sky, and I knew that was “me”, the real “me” that had inhabited the body, but I was really in more of a timeless, expansive existence.  I was also seeing my embodied self standing on the Earth before Great Spirit, but I knew I had already left that physical life.)

     It’s not such an Earthly life; it feels like it’s a completion of a journey, an experience.

Are you older or the same age? – Do you have a sense?

     It doesn’t feel like it’s about the body.  

     It feels more like I’m in a state of transition, less physical, wrapping it all up into…  

     Hmmm… it’s like,  “Okay, here’s my…”  don’t know how to say…

Do you feel like you’re still in your body, or you have left your body?

     I feel like it’s not important, that that time was over.  And I feel that it was so beautiful and that I was a keeper of the experience and that I had something to add to it from my own Heart and that I could offer it back, to Creation, in an expanded way, because of that life.

     I don’t feel like I died a violent death.  It was gentle.  I just feel like I rose out of it, and it was over.

Do you feel like it was a sweet transition?   Yeah.   It was an offering.

     It was like a privilege (emotional, tears) to say, “I had this beautiful … something beyond words… to give back to the whole.  Back to the bigger Creator, that gifted me with that experience and has been waiting to see what I would make of it, and is now ready to receive it back.”

And you felt like you were a contribution, in this life?

     It was a big gift to me — and I could take that gift and enjoy it and return it, improved, to where it came from.  All full of love and light and understanding and beauty…

     I’m just giving it back now, really in a way that I could feel happy with, like (tears, sniff) so happy that I could experience this, and offer it back,  in such a glowing, beautiful form.

So, what of this lifetime… Do you remember the name of the person? 

     Seems like it starts with a Y… I heard something like, “Yohimbe”, “Yohimba”… it didn’t quite formulate.

 Can you look down and observe the body, as an observer?

    I see her laid out in a white dress, soft leather, like those boots I had for our wedding. 

    And I’m tied onto a … I don’t know what you call it, those sticks, that they can carry the person on. 

I’d like you to watch and see what was done with the body.  Can you see that?

     Yes, it was beautifully put onto that, like a stretcher kind of thing.  (By some male braves dressed in white deerskin breeches/pants)

     There’s honor and kindness there, and I feel the White Light. 

     The White Light is just coming out of that whole scene more and more, and it’s disappearing… because I’m above it, floating up.

Leaving that body and life there, you’re now on the other side of it… Looking back, different perspective…  Lesson and purpose… What did you learn?

     One thing I learned is that we live in such a beautiful, and magical, alive place. 

     It has everything to provide us with the richness of a full and happy experience, beyond what we could ever try to imagine.

     It’s all provided, it’s all given; it’s all there.

What do you think the purpose of that lifetime was?

     One thing that comes to me is just a real honor of the Creators…. who came up with all these beautiful Elements – Water and Air and the energies that are in everything, and how it’s all so harmonious and it’s all so conducive. 

     Such an amazing environment… and giving us bodies with senses and freedom to live and interact and be part of that Creation — and to be sustained and nurtured and given freedom to live and enjoy it. 

     It really gives me a sense of wonder and gratitude and admiration for the Creators of all this.

So this is the purpose of that lifetime?  What was the general purpose?

      The purpose was to incarnate and experience what it was all designed for. 

      How peaceful and harmonious humans could be, and how well provided for, they could find themselves, by what is here in this natural universe and natural habitat of Earth.

So you feel you really experienced this fully in this lifetime?

     Yeah, very, very richly.   It feels like everything is just so alive and vibrant.  All of it. 

     It all has consciousness, everything.  The mist, everything. 

     To live and interact with that and bring your own creative contribution and give it back… is a beautiful opportunity and gift.


(on to SC & personal questions…)


Session Notation:

Several months after this session, I came across this graphic image somewhere.

I had never thought of our beingness as formed like a galaxy, as I had seen and experienced in that session…

and I related my remembrance of that scene to this image that someone had created:

swirling galaxy over Christ

In living my life since then, I am ever in remembrance and so grateful for this beautiful QHHT session!

A very special kind of reminder to me and everyone, what a gift this journey of life truly is.

And what a welcome for us, each new moment … whatever we may creatively choose to make of it!

Day Gift

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  1. Hi Clare. Hope you are doing well. What a beautiful life you are living…. as everything is happening simultaneously. Peace, love, freedom, transformation. Beautiful session! Thank you for sharing!

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