QHHT Testimonials – Michael … !

—————— Michael’s background story:            (written by Clare)


Ever an adventurous spirit, Michael has put his body to and through many tests — and by his mid-twenties he had survived perhaps more brushes with the “other side” than a cat with nine lives!

Fire Pins 1parachute 2

These included a number of head-on collisions with very large objects, such as oncoming cars, cattle, overpass-bridges and fully loaded semi-trucks.

Motorcycle  Most of the time he was on a motorcycle, and those stories of his survival are more than amazing – Some time you’ll have to ask him to share some of them with you personally!

But my main point here is that by the time I met Michael in this incarnation, he was 34 and had already been told he would never walk again.  

He has and had accessed some truly miraculous healings…   Even still, for years, he had been going in and out of extremely painful episodes that lasted for days, weeks, months at a time, where he could barely move, because of the severity of pain in his body – mostly lower back and neck.   It was common for him to find himself confined in “bed-pan mode”, unable to even leave his room / bed to get to the bathroom, or have normal activities of life.

As an inspirational workshop leader and a healer, Michael was able to provide healing of many kinds to numerous  other people over those years, and while it was miraculous that he was in one whole piece and could indeed walk, he was still subject to living within continuous states of pain himself.

When we got together in our early 30’s, Michael had already been to a full gamut of specialists, including orthopedists and holistic healers (Native American, Chinese, naturopathic, chiropractic, psychic, etc.) of highest reputation, had paid them over $100k back in the early 80’s era, and had received no lasting results or relief.

 (An episode flared up for him just before our wedding up on Mt. Shasta, and it looked like we were going to have to get a number of his friends to carry him up the mountainside for that event!) 

Then, over our next 25+ years together, this continued to affect his life, our life…

60_0016 …   His physical activities had to be carefully limited and I filled in whenever things needed to be lifted or moved… In running our business, Michael was a great delegator and had an array of tools and helpers for what he was unable to take on physically.   Sleeping at night was often wild, as he would suddenly call out in pain, just trying to change position – his body seizing up in excruciating jolts, causing him to gasp for breath.  So..  as I finished several medical degree programs as an alternative health care provider, we used everything that our own research could provide, in addition to seeking out “the best of the best” – various practitioners reputed to be top in their fields – to assist Michael with realignment, healing,…. always seeking relief for his state of continual pain which would still be acutely aggravated each time he would feel well enough to do a little lifting or make certain movements that seemed to land him right back in bed. 

With highly respected chiropractors looking at his x-rays, and confirming that Michael needed to live a restricted lifestyle indefinitely, this was something we gradually became accustomed to, and we found ways to adapt and structure our life and activities accordingly.


————————   Fast forward… 

When we decided to take the QHHT training, Michael originally came because of his care for me.   And here’s why…

In 2008, we had relocated to a primitive island location where the only health care for us would be what I could provide from my own stock of holistic pharmacy and modalities.   After reading most of Dolores’ books, I found myself wanting to experience a QHHT session, to explore some interesting aspects of my life… but we had no one trained to do that in our country.    I began looking at the expenses to travel internationally to seek out an unknown person, compared to getting trained to do this ourselves…

I told Michael that I would trust him to be the practitioner for me.  And especially, where we are living (Vanuatu) it might REALLY come in handy some time(s) for us to have access to such an impressive healing method as I was reading about in Dolores’ books!  The ultimate universal health care policy, we could have “on tap”!

Just days after that idea popped up, it turned out our youngest daughter announced her wedding in the Midwest, not far from Dolores’ Certification class in AR.  We would be there, and Michael agreed to attend the QHHT training with me.   Voila!

————————–  Results and gifts from QHHT…

Taking the QHHT training has opened up a whole new world for us in our spiritual growth and service, and we had no idea what a profound gift this would also turn out to be for Michael’s body!

Both of us being trained in QHHT gave us the advantage of being able to do multiple sessions for and with each other, and apparently our HS guidance had many new gifts for us to learn and incorporate.  “They” taught us about a different subject in each session, and the lessons (of course) seemed to be progressive, each building upon the last.

We were taught about  “The Importance of Family”,  “Compassion for Fear”,  “Needing and Being Needed”,  “Pure Intent”,  “Importance of Heart in Relationships”,  “Giving”,  “Distance Healing”,  “The Context of Perfection”,  “Harmony”, and a number of other themes.

Body scans were generously provided, as well as information and advice.  Visiting episodes from our PL’s helped, as the Guides explained that we heal the past from the present via QHHT… and we also access our own healing in the present, giving us new potentials going forth.  Going back several centuries, the origin of Michael’s injuries was shown, explained, healed… and looking back on this from the perspective of almost 2 years now, has been a most beautiful, complete and total healing for him!

Michael’s body became pain-free shortly after we began working with QHHT.  With no recurrences.  He has been able to regain strength and physical abilities of his youth, and at age 61, he now feels stronger and in many regards more fit than he did in his younger years!   How wondrous that such a gentle and empowering method as QHHT has provided him with total restorative and lasting relief — Freedom achieved, after all the many avenues of healing we had sought for in so many fields of health and medical care!

Water Greeting!   The manyfold ways that QHHT has already improved our lives would require a number of articles, maybe even a book!  But as far as physical health, healing and well-being, there are not enough words to describe the tremendous gifts to Michael’s body, and to both of our overall mental, spiritual health and happiness … and … enhanced joy and deepening in our love, for and with each other!

C&M in Santo - Sunrise Island

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