Clare: Waking …

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As I was waking up this morning, I was trying to recall my dream, to make notes in my dream journal… but instead, I heard my inner voice asking me, “What do you WANT it to be?”

Life doesn’t happen to us — it is we who are living it… (talk about lucid dreaming!)

So go ahead, dream it / Live it — the way you want to make it!

– Clare Aurora Joslin

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3 responses to “Clare: Waking …

  1. Hi dear Clare and MIchael and All who drops their attention here and now, 🙂

    You just sent me this your new Web page as a just born, so I am browsing through it. You always find a beautiful image that goes with your words and it always amazes me. Had to comment back on your comment of today… just by chance… I facilitated a session yesterday where a vigorous suggestion came about (again) as the need to set aside time every day to imagine what we perceived as perfection/ideal and superimpose on whatever/whoever we would like to bring about our consciousness/third eye. They used the metaphor again and again of a “hammer-hitting-a-little-nail” exercise.

    So, yes, I heard the same message as you heard , this time via a client,
    which is we have the right to imagine without frontiers and ASK, just for the heck of it, which it really means: no anxiety, no expectations, no conditions, just enjoying the dream, as your brain cells do, as if they had the knowing (that most of us lack) of the imagery/solid-matter continuum.

    I was not the one answering the questions, but it surely felt like my own Higher Self talking… Weird…

    One thing I did that resulted in an amazing demonstration:
    This client is a dear relative of mine and her birthday had just passed so I wanted her to give her a gift. I had 2 different gifts in mind as alternatives, so I asked her Self to tell me if there was something in my house that I could give her that she would like.

    I was vague on purpose. The answer was that anything involving a transparent/clear crystal would be ok but nothing opaque, and specifically not onyx.

    She was semi-conscious, so when the session finished she said she remembered talking about onyx and said she did not understand why that was mentioned… I asked her to wait a minute an I came back with an onyx/fresh-pearl necklace that I was thinking on giving her… to show her the reason why she had said “no onyx”.

    I asked her if she did not like onyx and she said she does. So I hope she also liked the alternative gift I gave her… since I did not give her the onyx one… she was dumbfounded and could not believe it herself… Looking bad, maybe I should have asked : Why not onyx?

  2. Thank you, Larys! You know, it’s funny… not long after your message here, I had another dream!

    Many are coming to me lately in a more formless state of colors, symbols, patterns…

    This one, I was looking at a smooth black, rectangular piece of crystal and I knew it as Onyx… then there was a field of transparent Rainbow-like colors. There were words, “Meditate on the Black, and Be the Rainbow.”

    Hmmm… sounds like an assignment! 🙂

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