Clare: What is Love?

♥  Love comes not from the mind, but from the Heart. This is why we can never seem to truly wrap our minds around it, to understand it. Love is actually what we are made of. It is our true inner essence, and that is why we all long for it so much. When we begin to let go of the mind’s constructs, and notice, notice the Love that already resides inside our Hearts, we begin to experience and understand the very essence of Love.

It is then that we begin to perceive Love all around us. In a flower, in a smile, in a helpful gesture, in the nourishing gifts of the sun, the air, the earth … that all work together in such a beautiful, balanced harmony to sustain us, each and every moment.

In gratitude for these loving gifts of Life, our own internal well of Love grows. From this experience, we notice ourselves having an abundance of Love, being an abundance of Love. We have love for our inner world, and it overflows to our outer world. We can love the beautiful day, the people and animals in our life, the tangible things we have and receive… and the life experiences that come to us. All are gifts that enrich us, so we can integrate and share with them … our Love.

Love is actually what composes the fabric of existence. We are all made of Love, connected in Love. It is only when our minds try to tell us that there is a lack of love, a lack of our recognition of it, that we feel ourselves sad, or separated. This is part of why the great Masters have told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a realm of Love, where freedom expresses itself creatively and safely, within the knowledge that Love is all that is there. Love is what we are. Love is what you are. Love is what “they” are. We don’t have to look for it anywhere! The more we can notice this, and embrace it with our sincere gratitude, the more we welcome the reality of Peace on Earth, Harmony and Unity and ultimate Happiness for all.

~ Clare Aurora Joslin

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