QHHT: The Merger of Heaven and Earth – Christmas Update from SC (Archangels) on our Earth’s Shift

heaven on earth..    Morning of 12/25/12  …

“The Merger of Heaven and Earth… Oscillating between Dimensions… growing Wings… the Ride of our Life” 

So many beautiful descriptions being given to us, as to what is happening right now, in this moment of “now”…


In a QHHT session, Speaking with Michael’s SC:

 We want to thank you for this beautiful, peaceful time (5 days) we’ve had up here at camp.  And we would like to ask you about this time. 

 As to the Earth shift, you told us that beings below the 7th dimension  were not capable of seeing, remembering what happens… that in our memories we would be given a nice balance of the Heart. 

And our five senses tell us that things seem the same.  You said something “is happening now”, and we’d like to ask, is it still…?   From your perspective, can you tell us about it?

The Shift is happening…  from the Outside…. In.

That’s beautiful, and you can see it from where you are?

It is.

And can you tell me something about our time frame, about this shift?

Framework of Time.

We know everything will always continue to shift and change, but we are talking about a special time that the Earth is going through now. 

What can you tell us about this, as it would apply to our lifetimes that we’re living now?  It’s coming from the outside, in…

In a session that I did with “CM” (Rings of Purple), she saw two lighter Earths, layered over this one.  Do you see that?

This Earth is Light. 

 Perception is the Awakening. 

 The Perceiver is the Awakened.

Ok, thank you.


 You invited us to participate in these meditations on 12/21, these large group meditations, at 9, 1 and 6.  From your perspective, what happened during those meditations?

 A cumulative agreement of this perception.

And how has that affected the Earth and the earth humans?

Earth Light …..  and

   Earth Lightening.

So this has had an actual positive effect?

It is affecting.

Thank you.  So it’s still important for us to meditate with Tones, Welcoming, Breathing, Appreciating?



 (on 12/21)  You talked about the more conscious “our.    Is that for us to be more conscious of our connections of you, what we share with you, opening some perceptions of ours to this?

 Merger of Heaven and Earth is ours. 

 Merger of Heart and the rest of our being,

which is all-inclusive, is the merger…

is ours for the participating.  

     And slowly, for the perceiving.


 heaven on earth..


 You talked about a “home-coming”.  Can you say something more about the Homecoming?

The Perceiver and the Perceived are together, at home. 

 The Merger of the perceived and the perceiving, it’s the welcome. 

 It’s the Awakening. 

 It’s the Lightening of Earth.

Thank you.   You know we’re celebrating Christmas today, on this Earth.  We want to send you greetings, always.  The Home-coming, Michael had a sense of something when you said that…  does this have something to do with Jesus?

Everything has to do with Jesus.

Anything about the Home-coming you can tell us?

He is the Welcome


We are the Welcome. 

 The Merger is the Home-coming.

Thank you.

Is it transpiring?  We’ve heard that there are lots of visitors to Earth at this time, lots of people preparing.  We know a lot of people have been working on grids and doing many jobs to prepare for this time… Is it unfolding the way it’s been hoped for?         

 What’s your perception, your view of it, as far as what’s been waited and hoped for, and worked towards, as we are in this moment, now?

 Our intentions are being fulfilled

through trust

and the perceiving of these intentions. 

 So it’s still important for us to envision the beautiful outcome that we’re hoping for, as the trust and intentions will help to make that so?

 It isn’t happening to us,

    it happens because of us

 So, our perceptions and trust…

     is the manifestation.


We aren’t … going along for the ride. 

 We are the ride. 

 And we are visualizing every cobblestone

              in front of the vehicle we are.


OK, So that’s important for us to know that!  Would you like us to share about that on the practitioners’ forum? 



Now you did say to Michael (on 12/21)  to “ride the next octave up”.

But we’re not just riding.   Can you clarify a bit more on this, please?

 We reach up,

to pull ourselves up,

on the invisible rope

     that isn’t seen,

but it’s believed, trusted and known. 

And as we pull, the tone rises. 

Thank you. 

 Now (in QHHT session) Claudia saw a lot of colors, and she said it was important for us to slow our hearts down.  What would you advise about this?

Being present, dissolves time. 

 And it’s an option to run away with our self,

        from our self. 

 Slowing down is a means of wrapping our agreement around being here,

             and moving from “here” forward. 

So this is one reason why it’s been good for us to be so calm and peaceful up here at camp.  Do you advise this is the day for us to go back to our activities down at Barrier Beach?

It’s the day to go back,

and our activities can be embraced

from a more heartful, peaceful place. 


You mentioned that we’d have to be in the 7th dimension to understand or see or remember what is happening with the Earth.  Would it be appropriate, could we ask you what dimension is your usual place of existence?  

You’re speaking with a big “You” 

                  that rides all the waves. 

 The overview is important only if it’s being participated with. 

 So our embrace of what’s here is our participation of being here.

Thank you for being here.  Thank you for speaking with us.


And I wanted to ask if you work with the ArchAngels, or if the Archangels are part of who we are speaking with?

It’s always good to call…

     and ask………. and welcome.  

   (heartfully spoken)   We Are. 


Thank you, thank you. 

(some tears with this realization, the loving Power that is coming through.)

Copy of 8894_4356902553888_1890385163_n


I hope it’s ok if I ask these questions, and I think they’re questions that others on the forum would also wonder about …

 As we go to the lighter, as it comes from without to within, will our Earth change and will our bodies change?

We can change our bodies. 

 We can change the Earth.  

 A large percentage is perception. 

 And another large percentage is being present in choice, with knowing.

And you said (on 12/21) that we are going “from belief to knowing”.  Is there something you can empower us with, being stronger in our belief with this?  Is there anything that would be appropriate to request, as it’s our choice to believe and to welcome this in.


And know. 

 It’s the Awakening of Belief. 

 It’s the highest use of the means of …

     Believing … to Knowing.

  to focus…

Being present, 


 Let the “now” become the “know”. 

 Knowing, know.

Thank you.  “The next octave”, is there a change in form, (such as, from carbon to silica, level jump on periodic table) as we would go up these octaves?

The combination of what we have chosen,

     what we are choosing,

        what we have been choosing,

generating what cellular readiness we are…

 there’s a combination of all of these things,

that puts us in the specific awakening for each of us. 


And this will show who we are,

where we’re to be, what we’re to do… 

for our awakening and service.


So is there a splitting of timelines, of humans going to different dimensions based upon these individual focuses?


We are oscillating, in and out of dimensions. 

Our illusionary mind, beliefs and agreements

 are maintaining the thread of perception,

in amongst our being and movement

in this expansion of the Earth, our self, and our connections.


As we’re oscillating, does that present different options to each of us, to resonate with?


We’re going in and out of different dimensions,

in spite of our perception of self and of this moment.


Our agreements and perception of this moment,

this reality, is important for us, to pay attention to,

to embrace, to give of our heart, to be in our heart. 


It’s a full time job. 


So the other dimensions of our participation are optional,

but can be a big distraction.  They don’t have to be. 


And in our freedom, in our opportunity here,

to embrace more, to trust more,

we’ve become lighter and able to Love more,

Serve more, Receive more, and … Know more.


Thank you, thank you. 


You’ve asked to know more.  That was the path.  This is the path. 


We’re growing more arms, and wings

and tentacles, and as we touch and receive

and be given more opportunities

because of our allowing more… then we’ll know more.


Wings, huh?  

  (breath)  Yeah.

 mmm.  Thank you .


 You talk about the oscillating.  Are we oscillating more right now, at this point in time, in this time in December, than we normally oscillate?

  Is that oscillating a continuum, or is that something , where we’re in a special “window” where that’s amplified at this time, as we see “time” from our perspective?

 Timing and time is like a lot of arrows or pointers,

pointing to a specific reference point. 

 This reference point is receiving a lot of pointers, a lot of receivers. 

 This focal point, best viewed from the Heart. 

 Best embraced from the Heart.

Many of these pointers are carrying the character

      or energy dynamic that we could call “agreement”. 

 It’s “agreed” by “all”.  

 Personalities can have the illusion of being without this agreement. 

 This agreement, as you refer to the “window” is  expanded right now, in volume.   


Because of this expansion in volume of this agreement,

these pointers, pointing to this spot, this place,

       this state, this time, so to speak,

is the portal … of and to and from, awakening.


We get to participate, regardless… with or without resistance. 

With or without belief.

 With or without what seems like our agreement. 

Because it really is.


This point of reference, this imploding of Light… is gathering… for… exploding. 


It’s the Ride of our Life.


Thank you, thank you.



 Some of us are hoping that some of our “star brothers and sisters” that we hear about , around us, will make themselves present and visible. 

Will that be happening sometime soon, for the humans?

 It’s a yes. 

 And there is an understanding about perception, that ‘s been shared, but I can share a little more…

 Longing and wanting and hoping can be blinders

and they can be fabricators.


Allowance, surrender, trust and gratitude

generates a truthful and open perception. 


So, as we embrace this welcome,

without the longing, the hoping, the needing,……

the joyous welcome, the gratitude,

the perceiving what is, without the needing to be,

will generate a bigger perception,

a trustable truth of the “more”. 


Big Light.




Please forgive me if I’m not understanding fully…  

 I remember you saying we’d be going from belief to knowing, from hope to resolve. 

And then you just said that hoping is almost, perhaps, counter-productive?

 The Resolve is the Productive.


Yes.  Can you just clarify a little bit more on those words, and hopefully those who hear the transcript will understand.

What is the place of “hope” in all of this?

Hope, need, longing,

feeling un-whole,

because of feeling inadequate,

this is expanding into the resolve of

trust of wholeness,

of “what is” is perfect. 


The embrace of “what is”,

right here, right here,

is complete, total, whole, perfect,

to be embraced in gratitude,

dissolves the need, the longings,

the hoping, and generates the resolve

of complete fulfillment,

via the embracing,

gratitude of Love.


Thank you.


So you gave me an advice to envision, the dream of   what Earth   I would love to have. There was an encouragement for that…  Yes.

 As we compare that with the perfection of what is already here, was there an encouragement to meditate, hold that, see that, embrace that?  Yes.

 I’m asking because I turned on the news, and I still hear about war, I still hear about killings, I hear all this.  It hasn’t come all the way through, at least in my “world”…

 Your perception.  My perception. 

 Is my perception wrong, when I turn the radio on?    You said (during these days at camp) the radio would be part of compassion. We’ve clicked it on a few times.  We notice there’s a big media spread of these thougths of …what I just mentioned).  What’s your advice in this alignment?

 Can you be in your heart and trust,

in the presence of doubt and fear? 


So, from this place of trust,

then you get to choose what you do want. 


Not in reaction to what you don’t.  

That’s your confusion.


Well, you say trust in the perfection of what’s already here…  MmmHmm

and yet hold the vision for what I do what,                MmmHmm

and then don’t hope for something other than what is already here…


Are all of those congruent?  I’m trying to make them so, in my understanding.

There is so much Light and Love here. 


Everything that’s perceived,

there is light and love in it, with it.  


And it comes back down to context. 

 And perception. 

 If you perceive Love, you have to ‘be’ Love. 


If you perceive perfection, and awakening,

you have to ‘be’ perfection and awakening. 


If you perceive less than awakening, and conflict,

then it’s the welcome back to the shift in perception,

in context. 


And then, the visualization from this context is effective.

 To hold to… that my reality, my Earth is a peaceful, healthy, harmonious one?

It has to be perceived, regardless of the illusions. 

You can look at the illusions. 

You can look at the conflict, which is part of the illusion,

and you can back away from the Heart.  That’s a choice.


You can also look at the Truth,

be in the context of Gratitude, 

context of Perfection,

context of Love. 


And this perceiving in this context

will neutralize the illusion influence

and give you the opportunity to visualize

what you want, for your big embrace.

Thank you.


So when you said turning on the radio would be “part of compassion”, could you add a little bit to just,  clarify that?

We must have compassion for our doubt. 

We must have compassion for the illusion. 

We must have compassion for the supposedly incredibly orchestrated flow of this human illusion that has been trying to work, for a long time now.


Our compassion is key   to expanding in our Heart. 


And knowing the truth, level the playing field,

neutralizing the illusion,

and continuing another step forward in choosing. 


And again, not as opposed to, or because of,

or in reaction to…


Pure choice from the neutralized illusion,

via your compassion.


See it, choose it, embrace it.


OK Thank you, thank you, thank you.  That really helps.


100,000 Monks Meditating for a Peaceful Earth

100,000 Monks Meditating for a Peaceful Earth


And Michael dictated something for me to transcribe about compassion for fear and context of perfection…


Michael’s Higher Self,  We Are, will have more to say. 

 But this is good.  It’s a good reminder. 

 Context of Perfection has been relatable to him, as We have shown. 

 This is part of his exemplary gift and welcome.   Share it. 




(some more personal messages)


So, I’m going to thank you

for this very, very generous  sharing,

of answering our questions,

being with us, for your love,

igniting our hope and knowing

that this is happening, from without to within.


Welcoming and embracing,

thanking you from the depths of our hearts

    and souls for being here…



2 responses to “QHHT: The Merger of Heaven and Earth – Christmas Update from SC (Archangels) on our Earth’s Shift

  1. From Michael:
    I’m reading this today – I certainly can’t claim any of this consciously.

    In reading this, I am overwhelmed with the wisdom that I’m getting from this. I sense I am just scratching the surface of truly grocking this wisdom.

    After reading this one section, I’m getting a visual:

    “Our Intentions are being Fulfilled

    through Trust

    and the Perceiving of these Intentions.”

    What I’m getting in my mind is a continual loop, looking like an infinity sign. Then I started reading, in continual “loop”. Here is how I read it:

    Our Intentions are being Fulfilled

    through Trust
    and the Perceiving of these

    Intentions … being Fulfilled

    through Trust
    and the Perceiving of these

    Intentions … being Fulfilled

    through Trust
    and the Perceiving of these Intentions…

    I started getting dizzy reading this, and the meaning started sneaking in.

    It’s perplexing to me to feel like such a beginner, and an instrument/doorway for such wisdom, simultaneously. I suppose that’s the lesson for all of us.

    Onward and upward, Michael

  2. I contacted the maker of the Licht-Tropfen in Germany, regarding the “pink” and shared the photos, asking if this had ever happened before. Here is her reply:

    Dearest Clare,

    Yes, I have received your photos and like to thank you very much.

    They look very unusual to me. It is amazing, what has happened.

    No, it did not happen before, to any one of the Licht-Tropfen !!!

    Color has changed at very few of the (other) jewelries when people have been wearing them for a long time, every day. In all the cases I heard about, the person went through a great transformation.

    I enclose a photo of a complete set.
    You can still think about it, if you wish to have a new pink one, I would be very happy to send it to you.

    Sorry, I was’ nt able to answer before – in the office things are rather busy by the end of the year.

    I am wishing you a peaceful transition into the new year with many blessings for the coming – I will be in silence.

    With much LOVE

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