QHHT: From the Fire to Water, Earth and Air – Anchoring the Grids – New Earth

Fire heart

Coming off the cloud…

Smiling…  … there’s Fire.

(Tell me about this)    It’s good.  I like it.

It’s burning.  I’m ok.  

Something’s burning?


It’s ok.  I like it.           

(I’m puzzled, would tell her to just observe, but she’s looking quite blissful !)

How is this happening?

They want to get rid of me.    Why is this?

Mostly political reasons.   

How this came to be?

Not sure, but I’m happy.

Lets step back in time and find out what it is that happened that led up to this situation…. 

I’m galloping.  I get off the horse,   and I have an armor, and they   tie my hands behind my back and they take off my helmet and they put me in a cell.  And they have been trying to get me for a long time.

(reasons? place? age?)  Political reasons.  France.  19 years old, female.   

These must be some pretty important political reasons…

I work for God.  They don’t believe me. 

I serve God.  They serve the king. 

And sometimes I get confused. But that’s fine.  I am free now.

Are you still in the cell?

No.  I like it.  I love the fire.      (She has jumped back in there of her own volition)

You’re back in the fire?  Describe that to me.  How is it that you can like that?

I’m light now.  I’m free. 

(suddenly goes straight to another scene)

It’s a body of water.  Very big.  Calm water.

I’m a little fish.  

How does that feel?

Small.  Running away from the big fish. 


But I can become what I want.     (smile)

So I can be… anything else…  I’m gonna be…   a crab!

What is that like?          (frowning, perplexed)

Oooh.  It’s difficult.  Difficult to move all the legs.  

I’m gonna get out of the water, so I can be…  an Eagle. 

         White eagle.  

white eagle

How does it feel to be an eagle?  Wonderful.  Flying.  Very high.

What do you see below you?  Everyone in the world. 

Where would you like to go?  What’s your perspective?

I am light now. 

I am Light.  I can create.  

Describe the experience of being a light that can create

Many, many, many particles of light. 

And every one is a consciousness, itself. 

And you’re creating from that place, and that state of being light.  And there are other lights around you?

Not really.  I don’t know why I don’t see any of that.

What’s happening now? 

I’m alone.  Don’t understand why I’m alone. 

How does that feel?   Alone.

And you said everyone was particles of light?  Yeah.  Only when I exploded.

But before that, you were alone?

I Am.

Creating out of the explosion, of … yourself?  Describe that to me?  What are you feeling with this?

I see a vortex, and I get into the vortex.  It’s very, very rapid. 

And I come.     Now I am….   here.

I am who I am now, a person.

You came through that very rapid vortex, and you came into form as a human.  What are you noticing about this?

I wish to learn to have a simple life, to be a simple person.    No drama. 

You’re bringing this creative force energy into this creation, as a human? 

This is who I am.

You came straight out of the light, as a creator… You chose to create yourself, just like this.   Yes. 

You could have created yourself any possible way.  You could have been a fish, crab, eagle.  You’ve chosen and created this human experience.  What are you noticing about this?

I must respect myself.    Joy.   

What else are you noticing, from this perspective?

Stop the drama. 

From this perspective you can notice … the lessons, purpose that you’re learning from it?

Respect yourself.   


My command.

There are six more.  There are seven. 

There are only seven needed. 

So I must not die.       For now.

What are these 7 needed for?

To bring up the world. 

Is that their purpose?

For anchoring.  Anchoring.

And you’re one of the seven?   Yes.

And what is it that you’re anchoring?

The levels of dimensions, frequencies, states.  

It’s a transition.  It’s very difficult to make stable, while in transit.

Can you tell me what’s in transit? 

It’s a split of reality, into another reality.

And the final settlement needs to be in a secure state.  Stable.  In a stable configuration.  And it’s ok, it’s happening.  It’s not obvious, to people.

And there are 7 needed to help stabilize and “anchor in” this transition?

They are in charge of it.

What is the goal here, with this splitting?

Setting the tone.  It’s a mask for the ones to fulfill, the ones that will transition. 

A mask.    (adding clarification later obtained from client, who is a scientist: “As in the mask data used in bitwise operations”).  

It’s a template.  It’s the new grid.

So you have some important work to do with stabilizing, anchoring the new grid?     Yes. 

And how is that coming?         It’s a process of… it’s happening. 

It’s still fluctuating from alternative states and it’s going to be more and more rapid fluctuations until stabilized and the split is complete.  

And then it will be like the “spirit side”.     And the Earth as it was, it’s the same thing now.   A new…

Well, we’ll be the spirit side for the old Earth.  Respectfully, respectively, to each other.


So the whole way of life there will be different?

Yes.  It’s wonderful !

And you have a big part in helping that to come through smoothly.

Here, we’re all the same.  It’s just a job. 

It sounds like it’s a very important job.

And so is everyone’s else’s.

We all have a part in the transition?

Everyone that understands this, has a part.

   It sounds like a very wonderful and important project.

         Yes.      Yes.

Earth FOL Light Grid


(It seems the SC is already here, so)   Asking permission to speak with (client’s)… SC…   Yes.  Yes.

You showed (client) a life where she was captured and burned, and then she moved forward into these different creative options…  Why did you choose these things to show to her?

So she understands that she has the seed of creation.  The seed is inside her. 

So, every time that she feels down, or inside a drama, just cut it out.  Cut it out.

There is no time for that … Please, my dear.

So the things that you showed, and with this advice that you’re giving her…   I wouldn’t say it’s an advice… it’s more like… cut it out!

OK, it’s an order from her Higher Self?

 You can look at it that way.

Ok, how would you look at it?

 It’s an order from … the “whole”.     There is nothing else beyond that “whole”. 

Now when you give her this instruction, to “cut it out” … Does she know exactly what you mean by that?  Or is there anything she would like to hear, that would help her to apply that to the life that she is living now? 

   1)   You are the only one to please.
   2)   Always please your self.
   3)   Don’t pay attention to anything, but you, as we are with you. 

You are us.  We are you.   Just …  don’t take your attention from … us.

So it’s important, for her to focus with you?    Yes.

OK.  Now does she have everything she needs when she’s in her day-to-day life, to carry an awareness of this, and to maintain her focus with you?  Is there something you can do to gift her in her in that regard, to assist her with that focus of being “one” with you?

I could…. 

      Is… the personality of (name),  giving up?   to us….?   

If that’s the case, then we will be guiding her, and setting the priorities straight for her.

And so is this a choice for her to make?  To allow this, to come more fully?    Yes.   So she doesn’t blame it on us.

It’s her highest option, it’s where she’ll find her most joy and fulfillment?


That’s for her to see and decide?   Yes.

And you’ve just given her some visions of that, so she can tune into it more directly?   Yes.

It seems like you are already answering a lot of her questions by what has been shown…

We are everywhere.  Always.  In the now.  We see everything.  So we know. 


Q: Re:  Missing time incident from 2002, client missing some items… Is there something you can tell her about this?

She became a little point in space, getting to another reality and came back.

It was a tuning.  Tuning.  So a little bit more of … “what she’s made of” could be incorporated into her body.  And now that she is here, for the matter that her mind and body’s made of, to be adjusted. 

So you were helping her during that time, tuning her?   We let some intelligence to help, we let happen.  When she was ready. 

She noticed these sounds in her ears starting about that timeYes.  It’s gonna get better because she’s gonna be able to ignore it while the change of frequencies stabilizes with the new body. 

Is that a new body for her?   Virtually, yes.

So a lot of things are changing in form?  Is that what you mean?  Not necessarily the form that is perceived.  But yes.  It’s actually new.

 What else can you tell her about that, that would be interesting and important for her to know and understand in cooperating and participating with you fully, in this important project?

She must dedicate ½ hour of every 24 to ask, and concentrate, so the mind learns how to handle her body, in the new settlement. 

And when that happens, she will be the one that prevails over the old one.

She needs that half an hour, for us to take over… her “stuff”.

How will she dedicate that, that will enable you to be helping her at that time?

Every time will be something different, or it will change according to the advancement, so it will come. 

You’ll guide her with that?  Yes.

And she just needs to just consciously block that time off, make her self available, Yes

Nothing else is happening?Yes.    It’s called, as you would call it… “Priority”.

And is that a meditation time?      You humans have funny names for everything! 

   (silent pause)     Yes.

You’re talking about funny names… (client’s)  request’ regarding improved flow of English language communications, among us “humans”… What can you do to assist her in this way?     We are here for her command.  She never asked for that before… So!

So if we ask for it now, will you grant that to her?   Never has been different. 

She’s just going all over the place, instead of just stating what she wants, consistently.  That’s all.

OK.  So, now that she’s expressed it as a clear desire… she’s asking, reaching out,  now…

That’s why she needs to respect herself.  Why do you think we show her everything  that we show her?

 Because she needs to respect herself; everything will follow.

So you’ve shown her some aspects of her true self so she can realize that the level that she exists in is worthy of her respect?     Right.          Thank you.

She’s asked about wanting to use her body, rather than her body using her…

All her answers are questions.  All her answers are already here.   Just trust.  

That’s wonderful for her to know.  She’s really going to appreciate that. 

 You know, when you get into this “human thing”, you become stupid! 

           It’s so… funny!

What can you do to smarten us up?    SC:   (laughing)    Hahaha….  !!

We need that; we feel locked in here with these limited perceptions and we really appreciate when you reach through the veil and enlighten us.

(deep breath)  Whatever you put your attention, is where… you get the results. 

Your design is made to focus, so…  if you believe that you command your body, if you are certain that you do, there is no other choice but for your body to obey you. 

    But you don’t believe that!          Do you ! ?                                                                       

(Strong, melodic, taunting, wise voice…)

Do you?      ….      Do you?     aaahh, I don’t believe I’ve had that perspective as a solid reality, and it’s a truth…?

I’m talking to…   (client’s name)?   

No…    to me?    Yes. 

Well, I appreciate that… That’s an empowered…  

So!…. Do you really believe that you command your body?

(softer,  warning tone…)   Don’t… lie to me! 

Well I haven’t believed that up until now, and it sounds like you’re giving me an invitation to … move into such a belief… as Truth…

It’s kind of a, how would you call it,    “humans’  life …   or death… invitation”!

If there is such a thing as “death”, because you buy into that. 

But it’s like a saying, you know, it’s like talking in your language. 

So!   … it’s a Life-or-Death invitation.

Mmmmm… That’s a very important invitation.  We need to … believe that we command our bodies, if we want to continue to live?

So … you do it at different levels, at the same time.  

You go to the physical level, because the physical level is as important as what you call “spiritual”.

You think that “spiritual” is different from “physical” and “physical” is a manifestation of the “spiritual”. 

Isn’t that clear ! ?

So… when you find an herb or a remedy for your problem, you are also doing a spiritual thing.

Now, you used your spiritual intention to find and search for that material remedy.  And you ended up fixing… the stupid thing in your body.

Just don’t make a distinction!   Because… everything….   Everything in your realm — All the tools that you have on Earth are Spiritual.  

Because, the Virtual Reality is Spirit in Action.  

So, you search with the certainty that it is your right to have a healthy body, and you will find. 

(Wow.  That’s powerful.  Thank you, very much.)


(spontaneously offered)

You have accepted your health problems.  You have to “Un-accept” them. 

    Feel the Need.  Feel the actual Desire. 

    Feel your Right.  Feel the priority with Joy.

    Feel the Joy of being in control of commanding your body.

    Feel the Joy.

Meaning, where there is joy, there is no anxiety, there is no fear. 

   It’s Joy! …. of controlling …… what you are using … to move around in this reality.

How about accessing this joy?  Sometimes we hear about it.  Sometimes our mind tries to envision that state of being.  Sometimes our heart yearns for it.  Is there something you can do from your realm, to us… to empower (client name)?…

Pollyanna.  Pollyanna. 

Just, just know that what you imagine, truly feeling it, it’s the blueprint for what you manifest.

So every time you smile with your heart, you are creating.

And when you smile and smile  and smile,   and you smile and smile and smile, and you keep smiling and smiling and smiling …  that’s then…

      You keep doing that in the “now”, and that’s your future!

It becomes more and more beautiful.     MmmmmHmmm.

Thank you.

There is no other.    So when you smile…. 

So when you cry, you find… joy in the crying. 

What’s the positive?  What’s the good thing about crying? 

There is Joy in crying.    There is always joy, in everything!   

      Find it.  Don’t be afraid to be ridiculous!

Always joy in everything.  And she even felt some joy in the fire!  In this vision that you showed to her…

   Mmm… you are smart, lady!

How was that for her?  That was phenomenal !!

Because, she took away her attention from the physical feeling   that is programmed in the nerves about “pain”….  and she put her attention on the power of Fire for purifying.    And for Transition into Freedom.


So, that’s an example!  Learn from it!

  Yeah, really!   That’s an amazing example, that’s quite a powerful example.

Well, she was playing a very high being when she was burned, anyway.

Is there something there for her to know, about who that was? 

    No…. Doesn’t matter. 

But she was working for God, she said.   Mmmhmmm.   And not the king.   Mmmhmmm.  

Yeah, that’s just another drama.  The drama of the worlds.  

That’s the game.                         You know.

 But, the energy that is put into those dramas, are the ones that move Universes!  That’s why the game is there in place.   

So, it’s a game,  but it’s not really a game. 

It’s a very important game.

Because it has implications and effects…      Yes.

Because it strengthens the grid. 

By contrast and transformation of raw energy into qualified energy.  

Raw energy into qualified energy.  Can you explain that?

Energy that is now able to move… evolve.

Think of the stem cell in the body  vs. a specialized one.   It’s the same type of illustration.

And this affects what’s happening with the Earth and the transition that we’re part of at this time…    Yes.

And we all have a part.  And you’re coming in here to help us, so that we can participate in a more positive and empowered way… 

No.  It’s the other way around. 

      You are helping us, actually.

In what way are we helping you?

Because we’re not different.

You are in a state, and in a role that is allowing all this to happen..

So,  we’re all made of the same material.  So….     

               Ooh,  It’s difficult to explain!  With your words.

It’s ok.  But we’re working together in this, then.

So, that means, in essence…. 

I might look higher, I may look, we, us, may look “up there” but you are really “up there”, because you have actually volunteered … for the crap.

And we are just looking at you, and making fun of you!  

But you actually are,  dealing with the difficulties.

And that’s very important and … admirable.       

And we thank you for it.


(softer tone, loving)

Now, whatever you do, always remember, both of you…  You are Eternal. 

Thank you.  That helps us a lot when we’re in these physical bodies.

And you are never alone.    Thank you.

Those are two of the greatest gifts that we can have when we’re mortal here. To know that and have that support.  That will be beautiful for her to know when she listens to this recording.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.  Much Love.



(from Clare:  Actually, there was another beautiful gift from clent’s SC/HS that came spontaneously after this, and I am hoping to compose that for another message… health message… so interesting, so kind and generous.  I was truly honored and blessed to take part in this wonderful session.  Thank you, dear friend.)

2 responses to “QHHT: From the Fire to Water, Earth and Air – Anchoring the Grids – New Earth

  1. Hi Clare:
    Reading this gave me goosebumps. We are so loved by all out there. So much was given in this session to not even think about, but really start exercising and being responsible for who we really are, and basically, get down to the nitty, gritty and do what we are here for.

    Thank you for sharing this and Larys thank you for your approval to share with us.

    Sincerely with all my heart,

    • Thank you Kathyann, Yes – I’m glad you could feel the Love that came through in this session. Sometimes it’s hard to sense or feel the power of Love that fills the room in a QHHT session, just by reading the typed transcripts. Since you’ve been doing sessions yourself, you know. Life-changing and so beautiful!

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