A Mayan view of galactic resonance / shifting


Here is a beautiful vision for our current age  by  AC TAH a Mayan elder who was trained and entrusted by his ancestors with bringing forth the Mayan wisdom for this age.

Mayan-Spiritual-Leader-Ac-Tah   In his book, “The Night of the Last Katun – 2012 Maya”,    AC TAH paints a vivid description of the time period we’re here and coming upon.

So much of this is mirroring what we’re receiving in QHHT sessions. Especially with the discussions of the pyramids, the correlations to our Pineal Gland, etc. and what the SC has said about El Yucatan and the importance for us to meditate and connect to the Heart Grid there.  heart-1.jpg


Here is a clip from the book:

(This is after a discussion of many interesting things including some symbolic Mayan rituals and 3 types of sound: sonic, sub-sonic and ultrasonic.

AC TAH was told to go to Chichen Itza pyramid in El Yucatan, and his visionary daughter called and told him,

“If you clap in front of a pyramid, it makes the sound of a quetzal.”)

Quetzal Bird

Quetzal Bird

Quoting from the book: … (This is AC TAH describing a vision while he was there at Chichen Itza, Yucatan)

I saw the Chichen Itza pyramid; around it were many people singing, clapping and playing instruments.

First, a group of thirteen (13) people arrived, who were like guides of the different areas of the Mayan territory.

Each individual was carrying a huub (conch) nicely ornamented with stones of different colors.


Then the Maa Yah (Maya) territory lit up like a huge source of neon light.


Then, more guides arrived, totaling one hundred thirty (130). Each group was dressed differently, but they all carried their own conch. They came from far away lands in different attires, but carrying the same kind of conch.


They all gathered around the pyramid blowing their conches to produce sound, then the entire American continent lit up with the same kind of light, just as the Maa Yah territory had.



At the end came the most spectacular part of my vision:

I saw our galaxy, a multicolor beam coming out of its center.


The beam made our Sun produce a huge flame that expanded all through the galaxy.

radiant light

The flame did not burn, but carried a tremendous amount of energy, and the flame let off ultrasonic frequencies that covered the Earth.


On top of the Chichen Itza pyramid were four Kukulk’an Quetzalcoatls meditating in the lotto position, facing each Baakab (cardinal direction)..


As the pyramid absorbed the ultrasonic vibration of the Sun, thirteen hundred (1,300) spiritual leaders from different nations arrived, all carrying a conch.

They all gathered around the pyramid and made their conches sound; the sound and vibration was awesome.


Then I saw the Chichen Itza pyramid vibrate and transmit the ultrasonic frequencies coming from the Bajun huubo’ ob hub (many conches) and the sound coming from the Sun.


These vibrations reverberated in all the pyramids of the country,



then the pyramids sent them out in all directions through the oceans:

the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that surround the country.


The sound traveled through the waters and to outer space.

In that moment, L’amat (Venus) worked as a satellite and sound transmitter, projecting the vibration back to Earth again.


The pyramids of Egypt, the tops of which are pointed, absorbed the vibrations and dispersed them around them, and at the same time, they re-transmitted them to the Earth’s interior.


Egypt is full of deserts and it doesn’t have many obstacles that could stop the frequency waves from running free.


egypt pyramids-sunset

The winds took the frequency waves all the way to India where its crested temples (hollow shapes on the top of buildings like the ones in Palenque, Chiapas state in Mexico) absorbed the vibrations, re-transmitting them to their whole territory.


China also received ultrasonic frequencies through its pagodas, which in turn retransmitted them to other parts of their territory; there were pagodas all over China, just like pyramids in Mexico.




Finally I observed the whole planet become silent and dark for three days,

and on the third day the Earth lit up with a kind of light that did not blind the eye,


and the energy one could feel at that moment was harmonious, and made people go into a trance or ecstasy.


What I saw in my vision was awesome.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here is … part of the messages of light my Ancestors were giving me…

The pyramids work as energy broadcasters or ultrasound frequency transmitters, like a radio station.

I will explain my vision in detail. 

People around the pyramid were 13 and they were playing 13 conches.  For the Maya, thirteen is the highest brain vibration, that is 13 hertz.  It is also the vibration the Earth will reach in 2012 when the Cosmic Cross is formed (planetary alignment between Mars, Uranus, Saturn, the Moon and the Earth in the center).

Also, thirteen hertz is the sound produced by solar flames.

Thirteen hertz are ultrasound and we produce them whenever we feel happy and blissful.

The main pyramid of Chichen Itza began to vibrate and send out ultrasound waves that traveled hundreds of kilometers


until they hit another pyramid which in turn worked as a broadcasting antenna


sending its signal to other pyramids and so forth until the whole globe was covered.



India 4


Then the number of people playing their conches increased from 13 to 130, then to 1,300.

The number of hertz was constant but the power increased, making the Earth become totally lit.



This is why the pyramids of Mexico, the Egyptian pyramids, the gongs and pagodas of the Chinese dynasties,

and the sacred temples of India are magnetically aligned and built strategically to produce, reproduce and transmit ultrasound.


Pyramids are a natural technology, built by our ancestors to transmit ultrasound frequencies that activate the Pineal gland of the brain, opening up perception to a wider range of spiritual frequencies and thus, for us to become aware that we are a part of a whole.


It also triggers an energetic reaction in our body that awakens dormant DNA information, to reach an awakening and expansion of consciousness.

At the beginning of time, we had 64 active DNA codes, but when the Earth entered its sleep stage, human beings stopped producing ultrasound (happiness, joy) and therefore the body also went into a stage of unawareness. Therefore, of the 64 DNA codes, only 20 are active today. The remaining 42 are activated every time we produce ultrasonic frequencies in a regular fashion. In other words, if we remained happy, joyful and blissful most of our lifetime, these codes would become naturally active.

Illustration of DNA helix on white

This is the moment to generate ultrasonic frequencies.

The Mayan messages are telling us that an era of light is coming where we can all evolve towards a high spiritual frequency, without negativity, if everyone assumes their responsibility.

The moment has arrived to do something; the moment of our awakening our awareness has arrived, just like the ancient sages – the Maa Yah people envisioned.

light beam

The Yucatan pyramids – mainly the Chichen Itza pyramid, probably the oldest on the continent, and the only one that survived almost intact are ready to receive and transmit the ultrasonic frequencies of the Universe.

Chichen Itza is the main energetic center that will activate the energy that we will receive from the planetary alignment, but most of all, from the solar explosions that are taking place more frequently all the time.   Every time the internal explosions of the Sun produce large flares, it sends a great amount of heat to the Earth, at the same time the heat lets off ultrasounds that promote the awakening of consciousness in human beings, and it does so by activating their DNA genetic codes.


Keep this in mind!

As a logical conclusion, (re: Mayan legend of the quetzal bird that finds its freedom) if the sound of the pyramids is similar to the quetzal’s song, it means that this sound or frequency makes people reach freedom consciousness.


Therefore, the chanting and clapping in my dream were messages of very high spiritual vibration, they were thoughts of light and love that could lead humans to freedom.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Much more in this book entitled:  The Night of the Last Katun – 2012 Maya

and it is available here:    http://actah2012.com


I’d like to add this video, as it adds beautifully from some additional perspectives:

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  1. I can feel the increase in energy of the planet. Sometimes, I am not sure if I am feeling the people around me or the frequencies that are being transmitted through the pyramids. The heightened emotional state can be a bit overwhelming sometimes…with only a few days to go to december 21, 2012, I really wonder where this is going to go! 🙂

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