What is the Quantum Healing Therapy?

 What is the Quantum Healing Therapy?

Mind/body healing is coming more and more to the forefront of the world medical community’s awareness, as science continues to discover and uncover more understanding of the intimate connections between our mind, body, emotions… and how those can be the key to freedom from health issues of all kinds…  and the doorway to achieving the personal freedom to fulfill our dreams and goals in living our lives more successfully.

Our mind and body are highly complex systems, far beyond the capacities of  the most advanced computers we could ever conceive – our minds simultaneously manage and balance untold thousands of intricately related metabolic activities, influenced by our thoughts, our emotions, our nutrition and many other factors. Whenever we find ourselves with an “imbalance”, such as a health issue or an emotional difficulty, we can rest assured that our very wise subconscious mind understands all about it, and we have developed it for a reason.

In living our daily lives, we only consciously access and use a very small portion of our natural mental abilities.  We like to focus on the activities in our outer world (planning, working, eating, driving, communicating, learning, etc.), as it is not necessary for us to think about managing  all these metabolic functions, keeping our heart beating, our food digesting, our nutrients transforming, circulating, etc..  All of those complex and inter-related things are processed quite miraculously by our wise and capable subconscious abilities, that govern all of our body functions, our responses to the environment, whether it be changing temperature, pleasant experiences, social interactions with others, all kinds of stress or even substances or situations that might not be the best for our health and well-being.   We have natural balancing and protective mechanism abilities that constantly help us to process all of these factors, to adjust and cope in all kinds of living environments and situations.

All of this information, knowing, naturally exists within us, but is not usually brought forth for our conscious recognition, especially during the active times of our daytime awareness.

Medical science has discovered and demonstrated that the majority (up to 90% or more) of our many illnesses result from our perception of difficult or stressful things we have encountered during our experiences of life, and all of this is perfectly understood, held and managed within our own, very capable minds.

Quantum Healing Therapy is opening up doors and bridging the gap so that we can access more of the appropriate information and answers already naturally available in our own minds, that lead us to personal healing in the many aspects of our life, including areas of our physical health, improving our relationships, and  finding more success and fulfillment in following the inner callings of our individual  life path and personal goals.

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 How did Quantum Healing Therapy begin?

Dolores Cannon started out some 45 years ago using what were basic hypnosis techniques of the day,  to help people with improving their lives, to lose weight, stop smoking, etc.   Over these 4+ decades she has learned from thousands of her clients’ experiences and developed new techniques that have gone far beyond this, enabling people to access their own higher knowing and to activate tremendous healing results for just about anything.  Her technique has expanded and developed into what is now called a Quantum Healing Therapy.

With thousands of QHHT practitioners now trained in countries all over the world, reports continue to come in of healing of everything – positive mental, emotional breakthroughs and  healings of even the most “uncurable” physical conditions of all sorts.

Clinical trials with “terminal” hospital Oncology patients are showing stunning success rates, and there is virtually no limit to the type of healing that can be achieved in these pleasant and relaxing sessions.

One single, comprehensive session is often all that is needed for deep healing and lasting results.

Standard clinical hypnosis has become a proven, effective medical technique, but this QHHT therapy has a big difference from what many of us have seen or associated with hypnosis therapies.   Traditional hypnotists are often known to give commands and instructions to their clients, but in this Quantum Healing process, you are the one who will be freely finding and accessing your own  information, answers and healing mechanism – from your own wise and protective subconscious.  Your QHHT guide will be there to support and assist you in your own exploration and in helping you to ask the questions and find the healing that you wish to obtain for yourself.

This is nothing mysterious; quite the contrary… in Quantum Healing Therapy we are simply learning to access different parts of our own familiar consciousness from a peaceful, relaxed state; the same very natural relaxed states that we all spend time in, many times of each and every day – whenever we are waking up, falling asleep and when we are watching a video, driving or just daydreaming.

Because  QHHT has developed within the progression of Dolores Canon’s extensive professional experience, the trained practitioners of this method are certified under the general designation of hypnotherapy.  Remember that QHHT is a unique healing modality that honors, encourages and empowers the individual’s free will — above all else in the human experience.

QHHT sessions are done with the client being consciously aware, in complete control of everything, and verbally  participating with the QHHT guide, who is there to assist them in finding and accessing the answers and the healing that they seek.

Medical science and the expanding field of mind/body medicine continue to show that we already have the keys to unlock virtually all of our physical and emotional problems, right within ourselves.  Inspiring healing stories attest to this truth every day.  Quantum Healing Therapy is a natural method that enables us to access our own inner knowledge and abilities to find the understanding and access the profound levels of healing that we desire.

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