How do I prepare for a QHHT session?

Client Pre-Session Advice

What shall I do to prepare and what can I expect the appointment time to be like?

The session is for you… What do you wish?    Spend some time thinking about your life, and make a list of all your questions/concerns – These will usually be in the general areas of your Health, Relationships, Career, Life Purpose.

During your appointment…   You will start by having a relaxed interview period where you share with your  QHHT guide about the highlights of your life story and the questions and concerns that you would like to have answered and/or healed.  You can plan to spend 1-2 hours in this sharing, followed by a healing therapy session of 1-2 hours, and then a period of time afterwards to review the results of your session.

Your actual session will be voice-recorded for you, so that you can take it home with you to re-listen to and to gain ongoing integration and healing.  Please bring along a USB memory stick, and we’ll transfer your recorded healing session onto it for you, at the end of our time together.

Your session time will be entirely private for you, so friends and/or family members will not be coming inside the office / consultation room during your appointment.  If you wish to share any part(s) of your voice recording with them afterwards, you may always feel free to do that.

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What is a session like?   What is the mechanism of this?

Here is a common example we can all relate to…  Remember when you’ve accidentally touched something really hot, and you noticed that your hand instantly pulled away, even before your conscious mind had time to realize what happened or why.  A clear example of the knowingness of our wise sub-conscious mind at work, taking care of us, even when we’re going about our activities.

We’ve all had the experience of say, a friend or family member asking us for advice.  At some of these times, we’ve found ourselves coming forth with words of insightful wisdom, worthy of remembrance.  If our companion asks us to repeat what we’d said, it’s almost like it came from an unplanned place – “I can’t remember that – I don’t know where it came from!”   Well, it came from our sub-conscious or super-conscious mind, which is in touch with levels of overview, wisdom, remembrance that are not so noticeable to us during our regular conscious, states of daily activity.

Our sub-conscious mind, as Dolores Canon calls it for ease of discussion,  is nothing less than a very integral component of ourselves, and it contains knowledge and wisdom for the overview of our highest and best interests, in most every aspect of our lives.   In a QHHT session, it is that same wise and caring subconscious part of us, that part that regulates and protects our health every moment of our lives, that will have the opportunity to direct the process, providing you with the information, insights and/or healing that you wish to understand and obtain for yourself.   Since every session is actually directed by this loving and protective part of you, everything will be appropriately guided and supplied for your highest and best interests.

Experiencing a QHHT session keeps you in the driver’s seat, while accessing an aware connection with this part of our intuitive selves, to find the answers and/or healings that we desire.  The session experience opens a doorway to our sub-conscious mind, that we can feel and understand — so it assists us to go forth and more easily access our own deeper wisdom for ourselves at any time(s) we may desire.

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In preparation for your QHHT session…   Practice some relaxation – just closing your eyes and bringing relaxation into any parts of your body where you notice any tension.  Breathe into that space until you feel the tension lessen or dissolve.  Remain in that comfortable, relaxed space for a while, just locating any other tensions you can find, until your entire body is easily and effortlessly relaxed. Enjoy how that feels!    (It’s helpful if you practice doing this once, or twice a day, if possible.)

On the day of your session, it is best to be well rested and not to have any caffeine or stimulating drinks.  Being able to access a calm and relaxed state of body and mind is a real benefit for your positive healing session.

Because you will spend 4-5 hours total for this, it is also a good idea to have a nourishing meal before coming in for your appointment.

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After your QHHT session:
During your session, you will be actively leading in accessing the answers to your questions, and afterwards most people find they have more or less clear remembrance of all that they received.  This is why we provide you with a session recording, to revisit everything and review the information, reactivating the healing effects of your session.
There will be gems of wisdom sprinkled throughout your recording, and to get the most out of your session, it’s advised that you will replay your recording, discover and transcribe these special answers, advice, etc.
Many of us find that transcribing the entire session and going back to re-visit it afterwards can be quite a positive, life-affirming practice.  We have posted some of our clients’ QHHT session transcripts here on this site, (omitting any personal information, or their personal Q&A sections) to give you an idea what some of these sessions may be like.   You will find them in the area marked “QHHT Session Transcripts”.
Wishing the very best of health and happiness to you and yours!

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